Vegetable Side Dishes to Serve With Brunch

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There are a number of different vegetable side dishes that go well with a nice brunch. Learn about vegetable side dishes to serve with brunch with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Isaiah Frizzell from Feast, the underground supper club in Los Angeles and I'm going to show you a few different brunch ideas. Some easy to make kind of cold dishes, they're nice to serve fresh, you know when you wake up after a Saturday evening of debauchery sometimes you want something a little light. So I've concocted a slew of vegetarian recipes for you. First we're going to start off with some tacos a favorite of mine and just about anybody who has ever met me. They are mini tacos. We use the small tortillas. Why? Because you can eat a lot of them and not so many carbohydrates. So by that same note, we add diced potatoes, a lot of carbohydrates with some red bell pepper for color and also that nice flavor kind of gives it a Southern accent. I am from Dallas, Texas so you know, I tend toward some of those ingredients but so do you here in California. So here we are doing some small potatoes with red bell pepper, a nice touch and again this is another concept I've recently discovered is using things that are already made say for instance store bought. So I store bought some fried onions. Can I fry onions? Oh man, of course, in cornstarch. You know sometimes though it's nice to buy pre-made things, they taste good. If you can't make it taste better by making it by yourself, buy it from someone else. so we have a little of those here, and here and as you can see, we've got these delicious looking crunchy tacos, a little bit of chiffonade of spinach for color and you know, some nutrients if you wish and last but not least, we're going to use this is how we make one thing work with another, we're going to use just a touch of the sour cream from the cucumbers I'm about to show you because it takes away some of the heat from the bell peppers, the onions and it makes these tacos fantastic for brunch. They're easy to make, easy to assemble. People can do it themselves or you can make it for them if you love people. Next we have one of my favorite things in the entire planet, a puree of butternut squash and I'm going to show you, you don't have to plate it like this but it's fun to so here's a new way of doing things should you decide to serve this to a sit down brunch you would maybe want to do it in this manner. We take a bowl, rub it, put a little bit of movement and then we take the bowl and we shake it. So it gives it that kind of interesting artistic sort of texture. Okay what do we have here? We have this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous purple color flower with just a touch of fish so it's not like vegetarian but it's close, pesketerian, how about that and we'll add a little bit of those just for color, sprinkle them around and then, so you've got kind of a palette now almost. And I love celery, most of my friends love celery. We peeled this celery. I'll show you how to do that. This has been sauteed slightly, again just to caramelize it, give it a little nutty color and a little bit of what is it called that pepper, cayenne. And for just a touch of a garnish how about just a few, just a few radishes. Radishes are not only delicious they're super healthy for you and they look beautiful on the plate, nice bright color. So that's another dish, that's a composed dish that you might serve as a sit down brunch. It's very easy to make, all four ingredients. The next one is, let me see, I'm going to put a couple things on one plate for you. This is squash that has been cooked down. This is a secret family recipe by the way. This is squash that has been cooked down with cream and coriander and there's one other secret ingredient that I can't say. It's called salt, so we'll put a little bit of that on the plate. This is something that people just freak out about. I'm putting some lavender on top. Normally I put thyme but I think sometimes it's good to change things up, you know, as you can barely see. It's delicious, unbelievable. On the other side of the plate there's our squash. It's yellow squash. It's super cheap. It's easy to make. It's gorgeous, dice it up, put it in cream, simmer it until it's soft. And then this is, what we used just a bit earlier, this is just diced cucumbers, mixed with sour cream and dill. I like to add just a touch of black sesame seeds. They look beautiful on it. It gives it just a bit of color. Also, on top of the squash, so but there you have basically four different ways of serving brunch to people or letting them serve themselves. I'm Isaiah Frizzell from Feast in Los Angeles and I taught you how to make vegetable sides to serve for brunch.


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