Night-Before French Toast Recipe

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Preparing "night before" French toast always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn about a great "night before" French toast recipe with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles. And I'm here today,to show you how to make night before French toast. So, what we do, because bread is a foam essentially, it has holes. And it means, that means that it can absorb just like a sponge. So, intentionally with French toast, what you really want to do, is get that egg and that seasoning deep inside the bread. Leaving it overnight, ensures that. Now, it does mean one thing, it means you have to change your approach slightly when you cook it. So, what we do is, we've just pulled it out of the fridge, we take the wrap off. I always keep a wrap, because things fall in the fridge or whatever, keeps it from microbes. And here we have our French toast, which we've soaked in a mixture, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, not much sugar, just a touch. Egg, milk, a little alt, probably some almond extract and definitely vanilla. So, it kind of gives it that flavor, that vanilla, egg flavor, so good. So, it's absorbed into the sponge, that is the bread. What we're going to do now, is fry it up. And then, put it in the oven to finish. Now, when you put it in the oven to finish, it cooks the egg on the inside of the bread. So, we use extra thick Hawaiian bread, and let's do that. O.k., we're going to flip it and then, put it in the oven. Put this here, let's just put this in the oven. O.k., we flipped it, now, it's good, we've caramelized it on both sides, we've caramelized it on both sides. We take a pan, heat, oven prep the pan and put it in the oven, voilà. Now, fortunately, because I care, I've already made one for you. So, let's take it out, yum, perfect, see, how it's kind of puffed up. The egg inside has pushed the sponge and filled the holes of the sponge, of the foam of the bread, which, bread is foam. So, let's put this on a plate, put this pan away, be very careful with it, it's very sizzling. And what I like to do, is add a few components, I mean, you've had this thing in the fridge overnight. So, it's definitely full of flavor. However, it's, you want to add a little sugar. And it's always nice to have just extra, so I've got some peaches. Here we go, we put a couple of peaches on the outside, almost like you're coloring it. Apples, we took and cored the apples out with a melon baller. Left the skin on for the color, and for the tannins and the flavor. So, we use the spoon and we get the apples out, just a couple, you know, almost like eyes. Now, if you were playing for a kid, you might leave them like eyeballs, like this, isn't it nice? So, they're even more delicious. This is again, coming from Christina Tosi from Milk Bar. This is cornflakes mixed with powdered milk and sugar and butter, and baked. And it's one of the most divine treats you're going to eat. It adds a little texture, I like a lot. And finally, maple syrup, preferably from Bliss, do a little of that, just a touch. You know, I guess, it's that deeper the tree flavor, isn't where that comes from? So, here we have it, day before French toast with peaches, cornflakes crunch, cored out apples and maple syrup. I'm Isaiah Frizzell and I'm from pHeast in Los Angeles. And I just made you night before French toast.


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