Recipe for an Egg & Cheese Strata for Brunch

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There are few better dishes to prepare for a nice brunch than egg and cheese strata. Get a recipe for an egg and cheese strata for brunch with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Isaiah Frizzell. I'm from pHeast Supper Club in Los Angeles, and I'm here to show you how to make a egg and cheese strata. Now, that's an interesting version of, it's almost a bread pudding, the same. So, what we're going to do first is get our eggs together. Get your eggs together folks, come on. That's what we do with that. Here we have some milk; we're going to add to the eggs, just give it a little body, a little cream. Dairy gives it, dairy as well with dairy. Let's, let's go ahead and add some salt. Here's our salt, about, you know, since we got two eggs, maybe half, three quarters of a cup of milk, I'd say full tablespoon of salt; okay, a lot. A little bit of pepper. And the reason I add, the reason I add all my seasonings into the liquids is to kind of help emulsify and distribute the seasonings better; whereas, with the solids, it'll clump around in different area, areas of it. So, we're mixing them and making them fluid. So, here we go. Whisk. There are a lot of different ways of whisking, I prefer whisk with thin wires and lots and lots of wires. That way, you, it'll tunnel through faster and essentially you make a better, you make a better foam which is what you're trying to do, to make an egg foam. Okay. So, now we have kind of a nice foamy egg and milk mixture, alright, mixed up. It doesn't have to be too thick, it doesn't have to be too whisk, you know, just a couple of seconds, 30 seconds. Couple of options; now, I like to go ahead and toast the breadcrumbs in the eggs and to use my magic red spoon; it's delicious. Fold gently, fold gently. You don't want to hurt the toasted bread. Now, this is Hawaiian bread and wheat bred mixed for healthy and sweet treat. Little touch of pineapple there. And now we've got it. What we do is with our pan, we'll go ahead and empty the contents of the bowl. And again, see the magic spoon takes basically every single tiny bit of product. You know, we try not to waste in a country that has a lot. So, there we have that. Here's the best part, shake. Shake it around, you know, get it stable. When I say stable I mean, when you build a platform, you want stability and stability means flat. So, get it all flat in there and surface area is important; so, next what we do, you're going to, you're going to add as many things as you want. I like to put a lot of different stuff; so, we have a little bit of lentils. Lentils are so delicious and they're good in the strata. They, just sprinkle them on top, just as such and they are in the strata. Okay. Bacon. I have no say no more. There's your bacon folks. Let's see, how about some, how about some cheese? Put some cheese in there. Now, what we're going to do is bake this and afterwards, we have a couple more components we're going to add that we don't want to cook. For instance, we do not want to cook the spinach; we want it to be fresh and crispy and, want to, you know, crispy and it has a tiny bite to spinach, as well tomatoes. Let's keep them fresh. You know, sometimes, it's better fresh, it's raw, you get the main thing; sesame seeds, they'll burn, they might, they've already been toasted; so, we want that. Feta cheese, let's add it, it'll melt. Feta cheese clumps, so you have to take it apart; for your audio, auto engineers that love to these mental things. There you go. And this is the secret ingredient to this one, rose petals, fresh from the garden. And a touch of lavender which we don't want to cook on. So, we put this in here. Shake a little, just, get it all stable, stable, stability. And we, I chose a rustic look; I like to play around with styles. So, this is in a pie plate and here's your strata cooked fresh with the cheese, the rose petals, the feta, sesame seeds, bacon. I'm Isaiah Frizzell from pHeast in Los Angeles, and I taught you how to make egg and cheese strata for brunch.


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