Quick & Easy French Toast Recipes

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French toast should never be the most difficult meal that you try to prepare in a day. Find out about quick and easy French toast recipes with help from a self-made, entrepreneurial chef and consultant in this free video clip.

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Hi, my name is Isaiah Frizzell from Pheast Underground Supper Club in Los Angeles. I'm going to show you how to make a quick and easy French toast for you and the little ones. So, we have a couple pieces of brown bread. What I like to do first, is pour just a touch of milk in the bottom of the dish, this helps to soak up. I add a touch of salt, put the bread in, flip it, alright, I've got some, myself bread. Next, we have a couple of things to do. I like to add nutmeg, this is going is into an egg. Because what is French toast without an egg, pamper do inference. Cinnamon, we're adding about a teas, like a quarter teaspoon at least. So, but, I do in fact, I like to add a lot of vanilla. So, maybe, almost a full teaspoon. Here's the secret, almond extract, almond extract takes ice cream, shakes and French toast and elevates it so high, that you just have to try it, to see. So, there's the almond extract. And of course, salt, salt always balances things out. I add multiple pinches of salt, I'd say, a good teaspoon of salt, it brings out the flavor of food. And, here's another magic ingredient, it is milk powder. Now, I think about milk powder from Christina Tosi. Who is the, she's the chef and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. And it's kind of the magic ingredient baking, it deepens the flavor, it dairy-ates the flavor. And there I go, pour a little bit, maybe a tablespoon, two tablespoons. We whisk this up. What e're doing here also, is creating a nice, thick slurry that goes over the French toast and kind of coats it. So that when you do coat it, one, there's no sugar, so it's not going to burn. Two, the milk powder is going to caramelize, because there's sugar's a milk. So, you aren't actually dealing with any real issues, you're coating your French toast like so, of course, you want to also use the magic red spoon, and here we are. Now, depending on how dirty you like to get, you can use your hands or a spoon. So, I'm going to use a spoon. Lift it up, let it soak down, simple, so simple. Six, seven ingredients, all dumped in one dish, spot it around, pour it on the bread. Now, what we do, is we take a nice hunk of butter, and we're going to put it in the skillet. And that's going to froth up, and once it starts to froth, we place the French toast on the skillet. So, let's do that, and my skillet is here, put the butter in. Gently with your hands, after the butter is frothing, give it a sec, French toast goes in. And because I care, I've already made some for you. So, we have the same French toast done beautifully, caramelized with the milk on edges. As you can see, it's quite ready for some syrup, some almonds, some pears, pineapple, whatever you prefer. So, there you have quick and easy, interesting French toast from Isaiah Frizzell from Pheast Underground in Los Angeles.


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