Transverse Abdominal Muscle Exercises Using the Total Gym

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The transverse abdominus is the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles. Learn about transverse abdominal muscle exercises using the total gym with help from a fitness industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm TJ Pierce with and today, we're going to talk about exercises on the total gym for your transverse abdominis. The transverse abdominus is the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles and is largely responsible for expiration and for stability of the spine, the rib cage and the pelvis. So, if, if you see a weak transverse abdominis, oftentimes you'll see the spine overextend or you'll even see a slight pooch right below the belly button and those are all signs of a weakness in the transverse abdominis. So, today we're going to learn how to get a little stronger there to increase your performance. So, we're going to put the total gym at a height that you feel comfortable. So, the higher up the total gym, the easier the exercise, the lower the total gym, the harder it's going to be. From there, we're just going to set up in a plank on your forearms and we're simply going to slide your shoulders forward and backwards while we pull your belly button in towards your spine. We'll do this for 60 to 90 seconds. I'm TJ Pierce and I hope this makes your transverse abs a little bit stronger.


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