Physical Exercises for Supermoto Racing

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There are physical exercises to help with nearly every sport you can think of, even Supermoto racing. Learn about physical exercises for Supermoto racing with help from a fitness industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm T.J. Pierce with and today we're going to talk about exercises for motocross racers. So for my motocross racers out there, the things we really want to focus on is your grip strength, your tilting reflexes and your ability to absorb shock and so when we talk about grip strength you know, that's pretty straightforward, we're just talking about getting stronger hands, forearms and back and shoulder muscles. When we talk about tilting reflexes, we're talking about your ability to adjust to the bike moving underneath you and finally when we talk about shock absorption we're just really talking about your body's ability to handle the shocks from jumping and then landing those jumps. So we're going to use two different exercises. The first exercise we're going to do is kneeling on a Swiss ball with a dumbbell row. So what you want to do is you're going to grab a couple dumbbells that are fairly lightweight. So maybe you know, 5, 10, 15, somewhere in there and you're going to get them in your hands and then you're going to get on your Swiss ball and you're going to find a balance position on your shins. From there you're going to lean forward a little bit, up to 45 degrees and then you're simply going to perform a bent over row. So you're going to take the dumbbells, you're going to keep them on a handlebar grip, you're going to pull them up to about your chest height and lower them back down. This whole time you're just trying to stabilize yourself on the ball, the ball may slip and slide, front to back, side to side and that's okay because part of our training is getting your body used to adjusting to that. The second exercise we're going to do are called shock lock push-ups. We're simply going to get into a push-up position on the Swiss ball, you're going to throw your arms out to your side, you're going to let your chest land on the ball and as you bounce back up in the air you're going to catch yourself in that starting push-up position. You want to make sure that you keep your chin slightly tucked and the tongue at the roof of your mouth so that you don't get any whiplash. I'm T.J. Pierce with Pierce Family Wellness and I hope this makes you a better motocross rider.


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