How to Lift Stones in a Strongman Workout

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You should always life stones in a strongman workout in a certain way for the maximum amount of both effectiveness and safety. Lift stones in a strongman workout with help from a fitness industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm TJ Pierce with and today, we're going to talk about how to lift stones like a strongman. And what's great about lifting stones is that it's a full body exercise. What we need to make sure of before we even attempt to exercise like this is that you have adequate hip flexibility and enough core strength to lift the strongman's stone, otherwise, you're going to have a lot of back injuries. So, when we get ready to lift the stone, what we need to do is we want to squat down as low as you can into a dead lift position and you want to round your back as little as possible. Because of the diameter of the stone and the shape of the stone, you're going to go into some lumbar flexion and that's okay; we just want to minimize the amount of flexion we go into. So, we're going to step over the stone as far as we can, we're going to drop down into a dead lift position and you're going to wrap your arms and your hands around the stone. As the stones get biggier, bigger and heavier, we're going to have to lock the hands around the wrist, but if it's light enough for you, feel free just to scoop it up with your hands. Once you get a good solid grip, you're going to want to take a big inhale in through your nose; you're going to want to pull your belly button in towards your spine and then, you're just going to want to lift the stone up and when you get it to about chest height, you're going to want to exhale, roll the stone up further onto your chest, almost underneath your chin and then you're going to push it out and set it out onto the box in its resting place. That's how you do an athlete stone lift. I'm TJ Pierce and I hope this makes you stronger.


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