Tri-Color Grape Salad

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Making tri-color grape salad always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn to make tri-color grape salad with help from a personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Chef Melinda, and I'm going to make for you today tri-color grape salad. Okay first of all we are going to modify the recipe. The traditional recipe is made with sour cream and cream cheese, like a block of cream cheese, I think it's maybe three or four ounces, you know the little ones that most people know about. So I exchanged it with a low fat version which is whipped, so for the cream cheese and then instead of the sour cream, I have plain yogurt. So it saves on the calories a little bit, it's a little lighter. Also I'm changing the recipe a little bit by adding mint to the mixture that the grapes will go in. So what I've done is I've pulled off a bunch of leaves, I've probably got, I've got quite a few here. There's probably maybe 15 leaves of fresh mint and what you do is a technique called chiffonade and you roll, you can do this with basil leaves or whatever, a broad leaf is. You can do it with really big leaves too. So you roll it up, it's got a, there we go and then one of those leaves got away, okay try again. Alright so then you just cut it across and you end up with these little fine ribbons and that's called chiffonade. So and then we're going to cut them this way so they all break up and they're all thinly sliced. It just saves some time with preparing the mint, making it thin enough so it distributes through the whole mixture a little more evenly. So, I've already put in some yogurt and I'm going to add a little bit more, I need a little more volume because I'm going to fill this whole trifle dish up with the grapes and the whole mixture. So you want to add a little sugar to taste. So I had some already in there, I'm going to add a little bit more because I just added the yogurt. Yogurt is pretty sour so you want to really taste it before you call it a day. I think it's perfect. So I'm going to add my grapes. So I have three different types of grapes. I have a darker red grape, a kind of oval shape and they're all seedless obviously. So we have the green ones and the red ones, they're very very sweet and crunchy. And this is a really good recipe for a picnic and because there's no protein in it, so nothing can spoil. So it's really good to take out on an outdoor thing or a potluck and it's easy to do and people love this. It's a really popular dish. So in the, okay here we go, I'm going to put it in my trifle dish. It's kind of heavy, there we go. This is so yummy. You guys are going to love this. After you set it into your dish, it's not done yet, now I've got, my hands are getting all dirty. I've got a brown sugar pecan mixture to add to the top for a nice crunchy topping. I've toasted the pecans in advance so they taste really really good against the coolness of the yogurt and the cream cheese and it's just a really delicious, easy to make, look how quick that was. So and the mint will give you a little zing of refreshment. Let me wash my hands. I'm going to shake that down so it settles, put it in the refrigerator, clean up the edge, there we go and put it in the refrigerator and then you're done. I'm Chef Melinda and I just made you tri-colored grape salad.


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