How to Make Onion Oil

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The key to making the best onion oil rests in a few specific aspects of the process. Make onion oil with help from a personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Chef Melinda and, today I'm going to make for you some onion oil. Now, what we make it out of is extra virgin olive oil in this case, but you can use your favorite oil, whatever that may be. It could be peanut, canola, whatever, it's up to you. I prefer extra virgin oil because of the flavor. So, all you do is you just put your olive oil or whatever oil, and about a cup and a half of onion together and put it on the stove. It's very simple. So, after about five minutes, all the flavors will be infused inside the oil and then I let it sit and steep for a few minutes longer. So, maybe all together, it's on the stove five minutes on the heat and five minutes off so it cools down. So now we've let the olive oil and the onions stew a little bit for about five minutes and then I've left it another ten minutes on the stove to cool off. So, now it's time to bottle it. So, get a strainer and a funnel and your favorite bottle. I like this one because it has a cork in it. And, you know, this is actually a really nice gift to give someone during the holidays if you're looking for something to give that doesn't cost a lot of money. If you can get a hold of some really nice bottles like this, this is a really good, inexpensive way to send a gift. And, it's also what you end up using this for is for pasta, you can put it directly on to pasta and add some cheese or whatever you like. Or, you can put it with tomato sauce because of the extra virgin olive oil it has a really great taste and it's also really good for salad dressings if you make your own salad dressings. So, I've strained all that out. We're pretty much done. Very simple, very delicious and you keep it on your counter because olive oil, if you put it in the refrigerator, will solidify. So, it will stay fresh as long as you need to keep it on the counter because it's been cooked, so the bacteria is gone. This is Chef Melinda and I've just made you onion oil.


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