Pasta With Olive Oil, Garlic & White Wine

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Pasta with olive oil, garlic and white wine is sure to have the whole family salivating for more. Make pasta with olive oil, garlic and white wine with help from a personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Chef Melinda, and today we're making pasta with oil, garlic and white wine. So first of all I'm going to cut up my flat leaf parsley. This is Italian flat leaf. I have garlic ready over there. I want plenty of parsley. Anytime you're using garlic as a main ingredient, you want parsley to accompany it if you can because it balances it out, the flavor of the garlic, it will kind of soften it a little bit and besides parsley is really good for you. It has a lot of vitamin C and minerals. It's good to cook with. So I'm going to start with, this is the garlic chopped up, I'm going to use about half of this so you see it's quite a bit but I have a whole pound of pasta so you want to have plenty of garlic, actually I'm going to dump the whole thing in there. So the thing about cooking with garlic, you have to be careful is it cooks really quickly and so you don't want it to brown because if it browns, it gets bitter. So I'm just going to go ahead and just saute it just a little bit. I'm keeping a pretty close eye on this but I also want to add with my parsley, some lemon and I'm going to zest the lemon. So I have my little zester here but I'm going to squeeze them first. I'm going to put my parsley in. Oh this smells so good and we're going to take our lemon juice, put that in, the zest and by thew ay this is the basis for linguine and clam sauce or if you want, you can even add different things. You can put shrimp in this. You can put chicken, pre-cooked chicken. You can buy it at the supermarket. I'm going to zest this one too. You can buy the pre-cooked chicken at the supermarket or pre-cook it yourself. You know what, in the beginning of the week I like to cook a lot of different proteins and keep them on hand and then I just change them out the sauces that go with it. So that becomes very you know, you get a little more creative that way. So this is the way you want it to look and as you can see there's no brown spots, it has amazing smell. It needs a little salt and pepper. I have some kosher salt here. At this point, depending on what you end up doing with it you've got to take it easy on the salt, don't go too much. So that's kosher salt. You can use sea salt. I really don't like regular white salt I prefer these kinds of salts. And here's the wines, a cup of white wine. I'm going to turn the heat up and we're going to let that, the alcohol burn off so by the time we're done and we're going to toss it with our premade linguine, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put it back in, the linguine back in the pan. This is only three quarters of the way cooked and I kept, this is another little trick. I kept some of the pasta water so okay so now it's time to put the pasta in. This is a whole pound of pasta. I'm not going to put any protein in but I'm going to top it off with some Parmesan cheese. When you use seafood by the way, don't use cheese because a true Italian would never put cheese in seafood pasta because seafood has its own natural salinity. So, if you want to look cool, don't put, you know if you're at an Italian restaurant for instance and they come along and they ask you if you want cheese and you've got seafood pasta, don't do it. They're going to think you don't know what's going on. Okay so now we're going to plate it, put it in this beautiful pasta bowl from Italy. It's a real Italian pasta bowl. There we go and I'll wiggle it around. You've got your, this is just a potato peeler. This makes a nice presentation, just shards of this directly peeled, there you go. So that was really easy. I'm Chef Melinda, and I just made a wonderful dinner for you with pasta, olive oil, garlic and wine.


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