How to Make Green Onion Butter

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Making green onion butter is something that you have to do in a very particular way for the best possible results. Make green onion butter with help from a personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, it's Chef Melinda and today we're making scallion butter. You start out with two half cups or two cubes of butter, room temperature so they're very soft. Then we add about half a cup of sliced on the angle so it looks pretty, scallions. So you put that in, you add a little salt, because it's unsalted butter, you've got to add your salt back in and you know you really want to, with unsalted butter you need to keep it in the freezer if you're not going to use it right away because it does spoil. Salt actually acts as a preservative to keep butter fresh so if it's unsalted it tends to spoil quicker. So anyways, this, let's see, we've got a little lemon zest, there we go and a special thing today, I just bought this little bouquet if you will of fresh herbs. So I've got oregano and thyme and mint. Now we don't want to put mint in here but we're going to put a little oregano, snip it right off, and you can use dry herbs too. Actually, oregano and thyme really work well together because we're going to put it in the end, today we're going to put it on a steak. So, when I'm done with it so let's chop these up and add it to the butter and then I'm going to show you how to roll it out. So here we go. And because it's fresh it will give you don't need to use as much, there you go. Okay so now I just mix it up and when, oh hold on, let me mix this up, this is a little harder than I thought it was. I think I'm going to use a fork. You can use a fork or another type of spatula. You just want to mush it up. And I wouldn't put this in the food processor because I like to have the chunks of herbs and the scallions in it. So you just want to take a few seconds here to get this all mixed up. Okay that's good. So you can see it's pretty much incorporated into all the butter and what we're going to do is we're going to roll it out, take the extra stuff, put it over here. We're going to roll this out between plastic wrap and I'll give you a little trick on how to get the plastic wrap to stick to a board. I have a little bit of water in here so sprinkle that onto any surface that you're going to use to roll it out, your butter onto plastic wrap and it keeps it together and nothing, it doesn't curl up and get stuck together this way. So there you go, now that holds it down. Take your butter and it's quite a bit there so you kind of want to shape it into a log as much as you can, make it a little even. It's kind of messy, there you go. So this is pretty good, this is already looking like a log. So now we just take and roll up your plastic wrap and you kind of roll it like this, get it all straight because what we're going to do in the end, we're going to slice it and we're going to put it over steak. We're going to chill it first so it holds together. So right there that's what we call in the culinary business this is called compound butter. In this case it's scallion butter and it's also called hotel butter. So those are the three names. So if you see that somewhere else you'll know what it is. So a classic way to serve it is over a beautiful steak like this, yummy and you take one of the pre-cut, this one has already been chilled and already ready to go and you just put it on top and it will melt beautifully all over your steak and it's absolutely delicious. I'm Chef Melinda and we just made scallion butter.


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