Knitting With Pencils

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Knitting with pencils is a great, fun way to really mix up your craft and add a little variety to your technique. Find out about knitting with pencils with help from a knitting and crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio, and I'm going to show you how to knit with pencils. Knitting with pencils seems reasonable, they're pointy, they look a lot like knitting needles, but the points and the lid would get your knitting dirty. So, if we break the point and luckily, it comes out a bit. And then, sand it on some very rough sandpaper. You see I'm kind of turning it as I sand it to keep that pointy shape; you got something that's not going to get your knitting dirty. But, it's also a little bit rough. So, I'm going to smooth it out with some 220; I believe this is 100, the lower the number, the, the gradier it is. And this is a finer grit; I'm going to smooth this up. Alright, that looks like that will do. And we need another one. So, I've got my needles ready, they're pretty smooth; I might find they're not smooth enough, but I'm going to cast on and you probably already guess, if you can do this with pencils, you can also do it with toothpicks. Just a few stitches to give you the idea. They could be a little smoother, it just makes it a little easier when they're smoother. I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and that was knitting with pencils.


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