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You always have to take your destination into consideration when packing for a trip. Pack for a hot climate with help from a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider in this free video clip.

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Hello, my name is Carolyn Paddock, and I'm the founder and CEO of In-flight Inside. Today, we're at the stunning Carlisle Showroom and we're going to talk about how to travel, how to pack for hot climate. Today, the most important thing you should know, of course if you're going to a hot climate is how to dress and what to have with you and the first thing is you need to have cool clothing so cool clothing means cool in fabric and color. So you want to have things that reflect the sun but also flowy that catch a breeze that keep you a little bit cooler. The second thing is you have to have all of your goodies for the hot weather because if it's hot it's usually sunny and so you will need of course, a hat and don't forget your sunglasses. If it's hot then you're probably going to be perspiring so you want to drink enough water. I tend to not drink enough water so if I put a little something in it that makes it taste good I drink more water that way. I've also found it's really good to have band aids with you and alcohol swabs because I get blisters and so with the hot weather you perspire. I always pack alcohol wipes so clean everything off. Sometimes when it's hot it's also sticky. Now sometimes just because it's hot doesn't mean it's not going to be cold. There are many times I've been in Phoenix and it's very hot outside but then it's freezing inside so it's always good to have a scarf with you in your bag and then you can wrap up if it's cold inside. Now one of the things that goes in my bag, it's actually I think a magic laundry bag, it's a laundry bag and it breathes, it's not scented and it also deodorizes your clothes and I didn't believe it was true until I let my boyfriend try it and put his spin clothes in here after a class, sweaty spin clothes. He had it in here for two days, opened it up, no smells, now that I'm sold and this is you know, you can be in the tropics and of course a fan. It takes up no space but it's always good to have. Now the one thing that I've learned and this is my takeaway tip to you is if you're going to a hot climate it's probably going to be humid and last year I went to Brazil. I usually pack everything in plastic because it's organized but I also realized it keeps your clothes dry so not only did I have clean fresh clothes, I had dry clothes. I was the only person in the whole yoga retreat that had dry clothes. Everybody else had very damp clothes so that is my takeaway tip to you, have a fabulous trip. I'm Carolyn Paddock from In-flight Insider.


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