How to Carry Suits in a Road Trip

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If you pack properly, you'll never know that your suit was a travel companion on your road trip when you finally get around to wearing it. Carry suits in a road trip with help from a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Carolyn Paddock and I'm the founder and CEO of In-flight Insider. Today, we're at the beautiful Carlisle Showroom and I'm going to talk about how to pack a suit for a road trip. Now, if you're going on a road trip and you need a suit that smells a little bit like maybe it's a job interview or maybe you're going to a conference or maybe you are going to a wedding, I don't know, but you need a suit and it's a road trip. So I will tell you my favorite way how to pack a suit. I love using this particular hanger, they're easy to find in most stores, they're thin, they're light, they're durable and they have a little felt on here so that clothes don't slip which is really important when you have things in a garment bag so what you want to do is pack your suit and have this garment bag, have your garment bag, have your suit in a plastic bag and then you put it in your garment bag. You slip it in just like this and then you zip it up and if you hang your tie in front then you know that you've remembered your tie, that's always a good thing. Now my second choice if you can't have for some reason, you can't have a garment bag or you don't have a garment bag you can always pack it in a suitcase and so and this is what I've done many times, mostly I always have to carry for you know, the number of bags, it's easier for me to carry my suits in my bag. So what I like to do is again put it in plastic. Dry cleaners use plastic for a reason. It keeps the wrinkles out so that's what I do. I pack everything and use dry cleaner bags and then what you want to is you want to roll it and although it seems rolling is going to give you wrinkles, actually no it won't. The important thing is you want to keep this on top. You want to have all your heavier items like your cosmetic bag and your jeans and everything below, keep this on top and then you can roll it over, roll it over the top and zip it up and there you have your suit. Now I have a takeaway for you today and this is because I've learned the hard way. If you are going somewhere and you need a suit and you need to have little stain pads in case something happens and you didn't see a stain on the suit that maybe you were packing it for a, and you didn't see that you know, on your blazer and then also too I would highly recommend packing an extra shirt. I always do that and I've never been sorry. If you have two, you have one, if you have one, you have none. That's my favorite saying. So anyway, thank you so much. This is how to carry a suit on a road trip. Have a fabulous trip. My name is Carolyn Paddock of In-flight Insider.


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