10 Essential Never-Forget Items While Traveling

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No matter where you're going, you're always going to want to take a few key things with you when traveling. Learn about ten essential "never forget" items to have while traveling with help from a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Carolyn Paddock and I'm the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider. Today, we're at the beautiful Carlo Showroom and I'm going to talk about the ten essential things to never forget when you're traveling. Now, I've traveled all over the world many many times and I know the downfall of things that you forget. And in fact, I have come up with a list that I have on my door so that I check the list before I leave because I've found that I have lost or forgotten almost every single thing on this list. So, I don't want this to happen to you. So, now, this is the list. First of all, you want your ids, you want your passport. In fact, I always take my passport with me because sometimes I don't know I might be domestic; but, I might have to take an international trip. In fact, one time I was traveling with my boss and we were going to Florida and he decided he wanted to go to South America. So, we had to, we had to jump and go to South America. Fortunately, I could do it because I have my passport with me. The next thing so obvious, your wallet that has your credit cards, your ATM cards and cash. Don't ever leave home without cash. You have to have these things. Now, of course your keys and you'll notice I put them on a very colorful, funny little key chain because then they're easy to find in your bag and if they, you know, fall out, then you're likely to find them or see them on the floor; it'll catch your eyes. So, it's a two for. But, don't forget your keys. Now, how many times have you forgotten your sunglasses or if you need reading glasses, your glasses. So, always check to see that you have your glasses. Your phone. Make sure that you have your phone; again, I have it in a colored case so that I can find it easily in my bag. How many times are you going through your bag and you can't find your phone or you can't find something else or your passport. You know, it's great to have a colored cases for your things. Now medicine; you know, that's pretty obvious, but how many times have you left home without it? So, I always say take your medicine plus 14 days. Sometimes your trip is extended, sometimes something happens you don't get home, you don't want to be spending that extra time looking for medicine. So, take that plus 14 days. Now, I always print out my tickets. I have it in my phone, but sometimes my phone runs out of batteries. So, I always print my tickets and my confirmation numbers, I have them as backup. Now, the last thing of course and the most important thing is if you're taking work, then you want your computer or your iPad; again, in a really colorful case so I can find it easily, make sure it's there. Make sure you have your chargers. That's really important. And so, I always have the phone chargers and my computer chargers. And so, my takeaway tip for you today is you pack all of these items and you take them with you on the airplane or wherever you go. Don't ever check any of these items. In case they're lost, you will be, you know, you'll be stranded. And so, that is my takeaway tip, my name is Carolyn Paddock of In-Flight Insider. Thanks for watching.


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