How to Make a Math Test on Addition

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When making a math test on addition, you want to make sure that your sample problems are covering a variety of different areas of the topic at hand. Make a math test on addition with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about how to make a math test on addition. Now, addition, as you know, is a very fundamental operation, and so, when it comes to putting a pretty good math test on addition, here's some things to consider. To kind of boost student's confidence, you want to use problems involving addition of positive numbers. So, for example, you can use seven plus four, or eleven plus twelve, something like that that they can handle pretty easily. And, preferably, if they don't have to use a calculator, I wouldn't put problems that would require the use of one. But, positive numbers is always a good boost to start off with. But, it's also very important that you include addition of negative numbers. Because, the idea here is that it shows them that they can add negative numbers. They're basically adding the two numbers together; You just have a negative sign in front. So, you can demonstrate this by adding negative three plus negative eight, for example. Or, it can say negative ten plus negative two. So, the idea here is they know how to add the numbers themselves. They just put a negative sign later. But, it's also important to incorporate mixed signs. In other words, add numbers of different signs to show them that when they have numbers of different signs, they'll need to subtract. So, for example, if you have negative three plus five, that would be an example. Or, it can say seven plus negative ten. Again, that shows them that when you're adding different sign numbers, they'll have to subtract. But so, to make a math test on addition, I would incorporate a combination of these three, and include at least a few of each to kind of mix it up a little bit. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and those are some tips on how to make a math test on addition.


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