What Is This Mathamatical Symbol ^?

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The "^" symbol is a pretty important one in the world of mathematics. Learn about the mathematical symbol "^" and find out how it is used with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to answer the question what is this mathematical symbol ^? Now the ^ is a pretty important symbol overall. Now in terms of calculator use or in computers, ^ is often used as the exponent, but when it comes to mathematics, so if you see 5 ^ 3 often times it's another way of saying 5 to the third power. So that's one way but in pure math circles, the ^ can also be interpreted as the and symbol. Now in the logic area of mathematics, the ^ is used as the and symbol to indicate the connection of two states. So for example if P was a statement and Q was another statement, P ^ Q means P and Q. So it's used in truth tables, logic areas, and also it can be used in other areas of math as well, but these are two of the most popular uses so when you see these you'll be able to recognize them going forward. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and that helps answer the question, what is this mathematical symbol ^?


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