How to Find Remainders in Division on a Calculator

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Finding remainders in division is a pretty straightforward process, especially if you're using a calculator. Find remainders in division on a calculator with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about how to find remainders in division on a calculator. Now, it's a pretty straightforward process. And so, any calculator that you have, will do, as long as it's got the four operations, of course. So, here's how to do it. So, the first step is, find the decimal answer. So, if you're trying to find, for example, 13 over seven or 225 over 19 or something. Doesn't matter, find the decimal answer first, so you always want to do that. The second step, is subtract the whole number. So, just about every, every division problem will have some kind of whole number. So, just subtract out the whole number and leave the decimal portion of it, as is. So, first step is, find the decimal answer and two, subtract out the whole number. Three, you will multiply by the divisor, the divisor is simply the number that you divide it by. So, if you have 224 divided by 19, 19 is that divisor. So, basically find the decimal answer, subtract out the whole number portion of the solution and then, multiply it by the divisor. And that'll be your remainder. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and these are the steps on how to find the remainder in division on a calculator.


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