How to Clean a Cauliflower to Reduce Pesticides

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Simply running cauliflower under tap water isn't enough to properly reduce the pesticides that could be present on the vegetable. Clean a cauliflower to reduce pesticides with help from the founder and president of Grow Green Industries, Inc in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, this is chef Mareya. I'm the Fit Foody, and you're watching the video series on how to eat cleaner. Today I'm going to show you how to remove pesticide residue from your cauliflower. You might not realize this, but most of the produce that you buy in the store has pesticide residue on it. And if you've ever had a garden you know sometimes you've got to just keep the pests away or else you're going to see some major holes in your produce. But it's really easy to remove it. And I'm going to start by telling you that water alone is not enough. A lot of the pesticides that are used nowadays are not water soluble. Which means that no matter how much you rinse it, it's not coming off. The second thing is, a lot of our produce is now waxed so you'll see sometimes with those really shiny apples but even sometimes you don't see it. The wax seals the pesticide residue in so you can't remove it with water. But with the eat cleaner fruit and vegetable wash, this is specially formulated to cut through wax, pesticide residue, and the dirt that water can't get off to really remove that layer. And all I'm going to do is I'm going to spray the surface of my cauliflower here and you can see there's a lot of visible dirt on here already. And what this is going to do is it's going to help release that dirt but it's also going to help to remove any wax that might be on here and the pesticide residue that water can't get rid of. And this is lab proven to do it, so you know that it's really working. I'm going to let that sit for two minutes and then I'm going to rinse it and we'll see how nice and shiny our cauliflower gets. So a great way to get that extra dirt and nasty stuff off is with a veggie scrub brush. And I'm just scrubbing the top of the cauliflower and that big blob of dirt that was on there is gone. So easy to do. Just a few swipes of my brush. Now I'm going to rinse the eat cleaner wash off. Just give it a quick rinse, and literally my cauliflower is squeaky clean. So that's it. Wash with the eat cleaner, let it sit for two minutes, scrub any extra residue off with your veggie scrub brush and then rinse with clean water and you've got nice, clean cauliflower for all your recipes. I'm chef Mareya, here's to a great day and enjoy eating cleaner.


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