Romaine & Mandarin Orange Salad

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The only thing better than a regular salad is romaine and mandarin orange salad. Make romaine and mandarin orange salad with help from the founder and president of Grow Green Industries, Inc in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Clean Eating
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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody! I'm Cher Mareya, the Fit Foodie, and you're watching the video series on how to eat cleaner. Today I'm going to show you how easy and delicious it is to make a romaine salad with mandarin oranges. I personally love fruit in my salad. Just makes it feel so vibrant, like a party, you know? It's festive. It adds a lot of color and punch. So what I've done is I've washed my romaine first, in the salad spinner. I used the Eat Cleaner fruit and vegetable wash to remove any pesticide residue, wax, the nasty stuff that you just don't want to eat, and then I've spun it dry in my salad spinner to get all that extra moisture off of my lettuce, because who likes soggy lettuce? I don't. So, now, I'm just going to assemble everything right in my salad bowl, and the thing with cooking is you just want to make life easier, you know? If you can shortcut some steps, do it, because then that's less washing and cleanup to deal with at the end. So I've got my romaine lettuce, I'm just going to kind of hand tear it to make more bite-sized pieces. And then what I've got here is a bunch of really delicious ingredients to top it off with. Of course the star is the mandarin orange, and I have to make sure that they don't get eaten all before I put them in my salad, because my kids will eat those all. Then I've also got some blackberries, which I've washed, and blackberries add to the festiveness, the party that's going on in your salad bowl. And then to top it all off, some slivered almonds, and the almonds - that nutty crunch combines with the really crisp cool flavor the lettuce, and then the fruitiness of our blackberries and the mandarin oranges and just, it's the, that final touch that's so good. So I've got my lettuce prepped. Just going to get in there with my hands, throw the mandarin oranges in. And listen guys, you want to use fresh mandarin oranges if you can. There's a big difference between those and the kind that come in a can. This one's got a much nicer bite, and of course it's nature's candy, so it's sweet on its own. You don't have to add any sugar to it. And then I've got my clean blackberries here, going to throw those in as well. Look how pretty that's looking already. Wash my hands off a little bit, and then my slivered almonds, and of course you can put this to taste. You might like walnuts instead, maybe some cashews. Theory it. Do whatever you like, whatever your taste desires. And then I've got some balsamic vinaigrette. I like to go light on the vinaigrette. You don't need a lot of dressing, because good ingredients should not be masked. You want to celebrate that freshness. And I've got my salad tongs here, I'm just going to give it a little toss. Everybody in the pool's having a good time. Get it nice and incorporated here. And I like balsamic vinegar because the sweetness of the balsamic, a good quality balsamic, will play nicely off of the fruit, and then - leave those in there - I'm going to top it off with just a few more almonds to make it look pretty, and then of course, some more oranges. And that's how easy it is. Two minutes to a delicious easy-to-make, festive salad. I'm the Fit Foodie. Have a great day, and here's to eating cleaner every day.


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