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Not all lettuce wraps need to be difficult to make and time consuming. Make easy lettuce wraps with help from the founder and president of Grow Green Industries, Inc in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Clean Eating
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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody! I'm Chef Mareya, the Fit Foodie, and you're watching the video series on how to eat cleaner. Today, I'm going to show you how great and simple it is to make delicious lettuce wraps, and what's so fun about these is first of all, they're low carb, because you're eating lettuce instead of like, a tortilla, for example, and you can vary these up any day of the week and make them taste different. So I'm going to show you how to make a lettuce wrap that is made with tofu, and then one made with fish. So we're going to start with our iceberg lettuce, and the reason that I picked the iceberg lettuce is it already makes kind of a nice cup shape on its own. So, I've quartered this, I've washed it with the Eat Cleaner fruit and vegetable wash to get all of the nasty residue off of there that you just don't want to eat, because the first step to eating cleaner is cleaning food. So, I've got my lettuce here and what I like to do is, I'm a little bit particular about this, but just comb through my lettuce and find the best pieces, and usually it starts about a third of the way down. See? You've got these nice pieces that are already shaped like a cup. I take these out, and I like to make them double thick, so that when you bite into them, they don't fall apart on you. It's like a little lettuce taco. So, I'm going to get a few pieces, because I've got a pretty big appetite here. And what's great is the lettuce, because it's so light, you can eat several of these and not feel too full. Okay, so I've got my lettuce cups ready. I'm going to just place them on the plate that I'm going to eat on, make it easy on myself for cleanup time. And I've got the tofu cooking here on the side, but let me show you what else I'm going to use here. I've got organic tofu. The reason I use organic is because it's non-GMO. That's genetically modified. So I know that this is the cleanest tofu that I can possibly find. I chop that up, brown it. You can also broil it in the oven. It gets a nice brown coating, caramelizes it a little bit, and gives it some nice body. Then, I'm also going to use some rice noodles. That gives a little bit more oomph to it, kind of holds everything together so it doesn't fall apart on you. I've got some scallions to top it off, gives it some nice punch of color. Water chestnuts, great crunch. A little bit of shredded carrot, and some cucumber. And then, a couple of different dipping sauces. I've got a peanut sauce and a Greek yogurt sauce, and you can take yourself on a journey around the world just by changing your sauces up. I love that. So I'm going to start with the tofu. I've got it nice and broiled over here - nice and browned, I should say, and I'm going to take a few pieces of that. I'm going to do a couple with the tofu, and a couple with my fish. I'm going to lay that down. Ooh, looks nice and tasty, and it smells so good. I wish you could smell this at home. And then, I'm going to add some of my noodles here, just a little bit. Kind of take your hands and separate them out, just a few on each taco, on each wrap. You got to fight with them sometimes. You can also, after you cook these, you can run a little bit of cold water over them to separate them out. Helps to rinse a little bit of the starch off of it, too. So I've got my noodles. I'm going to add a little water chestnut, and I've taken the whole chestnuts here and just diced them up fine. And what's great about these, too, is you can get all of the ingredients prepped, invite people over, and have them make their own wrap. You know some people might like a little bit more carrot, or a little bit more water chestnut, and they can make it to their taste. I've got my cucumber, and a little bit of scallion. Now that's for my lettuce wraps. I'm going to do my fish wraps a little bit difference. I've got the fish here that I have just pan friend for about, oh, four minutes on each side. This is a tilapia, which I like, it's nice and light, white-fleshed fish, and I seasoned it with just a little bit of salt and pepper - sea salt, specifically, and some fresh lime juice. So simple. I'm going to load that up. And this with this one, I'm not going to add noodle to this one, I'm just going to add a little bit of scallion and some of the carrot, because I'm going to put a difference sauce on this one. So, I've got my two different dipping sauces. I've got a peanut sauce that I've made. This is so good, you could eat it by the spoonful, literally. Put it on everything. But, we made these wraps with tofu. You can certainly use chicken, steak, and this peanut sauce has so much flavor and almost not fat, because we used powdered peanut butter, which is like a fraction of the fat of regular peanut butter. So I've got my peanut sauce there, and then I'm going to just clean this off and use the same spoon. I've got my Eat Cleaner wipes here. These are great because you can use them on utensils as you're cooking. You don't have to keep going back to the sink. Just use that, give it a swipe. We'll wash it later, but it's a food grade cleaner, so you can use it as you cook. I'm going to take this yogurt sauce - this is a Greek inspired yogurt sauce. I grew up with this sauce, put it on everything. What I love, it's got fresh lemon and dill and cucumber. So that cucumber is in there already. And there you have it. Simple, delicious lettuce wraps. A couple of different variations, but you can spice it up however you like. I'm the Fit Foodie. Here's to eating cleaner every day. Have a good one.


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