Lettuce Salad With Golden Raisins, Feta Cheese & Vinaigrette

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There are few things better than a nice lettuce salad with golden raisins, feta cheese and vinaigrette. Make lettuce salad with golden raisins, feta cheese and vinaigrette with help from the founder and president of Grow Green Industries, Inc in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody! I'm Cher Mareya, the Fit Foodie, and you're watching the eHow.com video series on how to eat cleaner. Today I'm going to show you how easy and delicious it is to make a lettuce salad with golden raisins, feta cheese, and homemade vinaigrette. So delicious. But the first thing we're going to do, because when you eat cleaner, you got to make sure that you're eating clean food. We don't want to eat nasty pesticides or bugs or bacteria, not in our diet. So I'm going to take my mixed greens - I've got some gorgeous lettuces here: tatsoi, spinach, radicchio - those gorgeous red leaf that makes you sound like you're very international and worldly when you say it. But I've washed it with my Eat Cleaner fruit and vegetable wash, and the reason I did that instead of just water, is this helps to remove the bacteria, pesticide residue, nasty stuff that you just really don't want to eat. So after I spray that on there, I take my water, just rinse it. Get any additional dirt off there, and then I'm going to spin it dry with my salad spinner. What I love about this, is it helps you get all the moisture off so that your salad grins aren't soggy. Just give it a few spins there, and then I can really get started. Okay, so now I've got my dry lettuce, my greens, and I'm going to start assembling my salad. And what I really am a big believer in is make it as simple as possible, because you don't want to dirty up a bunch of dishes, because that just makes more cleanup and less time to enjoy your food. So I've got my greens here, I'm going to arrnage them in my bowl, my same serving bowl that I'm going to serve my guests, and then I'm going to add the golden raisins. And the reason that we pick golden raisins is they have a really nice sweet flavor, and plus they look so pretty against your greens. So, I've put in about, maybe three tablespoons, but you can add to your taste. It's all about you personalizing what you like. Then I've got my nonfat feta cheese. We picked nonfat just because, you know, we're all trying to save some fat and calories these days, and you really don't need it. There's still great quality feta cheese that's nonfat. And then I have my slivered almonds, a little bit of protein to add to this salad. How pretty that's looking already. It's literally three ingredients, so easy. Now, for those of you who tend to make your own salad dressings, you know how easy it is. That's the secret that we're going to share with everyone else, because you don't need to buy store-bought vinaigrette. It's just too simple. I've got a good quality olive oil and a balsamic vinegar, and I've got a metal bowl. I like to use a metal bowl because it helps emulsify - and I'll tell you what that fancy word means - emulsify the oil a little bit faster. So I've got about three tablespoons of my olive oil, and then I'm going to add the balsamic vinegar in really slowly, and as you add it in, you're going to want to whisk. I added in about maybe two tablespoons of the balsamic, and you start to whisk until the vinegar gets nice and incorporated in with the olive oil, and you can see just about 30 seconds of whisking and it's already this gorgeous amber color. I personally like a little bit more balsamic vinegar, but you can taste it and decide what you like best. I usually do equal parts olive oil to equal parts vinegar. Give it another couple whisks, and then, season it with a little bit of sea salt - kosher salt is good, too - and a little bit of freshly ground black pepper. And that's it. How easy was that? You just made fresh vinaigrette at home, and it took you about a minute. Now other variations I like for vinaigrette, sometimes you can add mustard to it. I like to do mustard when I'm doing a chicken salad, for example - plays nicely off of the chicken - or with tuna, but for this one we're going to stay a true vinaigrette. Got my tongs here, and I'm just going to give everything a quick mix, incorporate that vinaigrette nicely onto the lettuce, and I don't like to drown my greens, because it makes them soggy. Just a little bit; a little bit goes a long way, because it really is about celebrating the amazing flavor of fresh food. That's eating cleaner. It's fresh food, not fast food. But it is fast. Okay, a few more golden raisins, slivered almonds - because I love those almonds - and a little bit more of the feta to taste, and there you have it. A homemade salad that you can feel proud of serving to friends and family or enjoying on your own. I'm the Fit Foodie. Enjoy your day, and here's to eating cleaner every day.


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