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Lettuce wraps are great on their own, but they can really be improved with a nice good dip. Learn about good dips for lettuce wraps with help from the founder and president of Grow Green Industries, Inc in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Clean Eating
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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody! This is Chef Mareya. I'm the Fit Foodie, and today you're watching the series on how to eat clean. Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to make delicious dips for your lettuce wraps. I am a big fan of lettuce wraps, because they're low carb, really satisfying, you can get very creative with the fillings, and they're the perfect party food, because everybody can take a role in assembling their own. So, I'm going to show you how to make the dip part, though. Today I am putting together two difference sauces. One is an Asian-inspired peanut sauce, and the other comes from my home land: a Greek-inspired tzatziki sauce, or yogurt sauce. I'm going to start with the yogurt sauce first, and what we have here are all of our ingredients lined up, so you can see everything that's going to go into it. We've got our Greek yogurt, fresh lemon, our grated cucumber, a little bit of fresh dill, and some garlic. Super simple. So let's get started. So what I'm going to do first, I'm going to start with the Greek yogurt, and the reason that I like Greek yogurt, as opposed to other types of yogurt, is it's higher in protein, tends to be lower in sugar, and it just has a really nice bite to it. It's got a lot of body. It's really thick, and satisfying. So, I've got my plain Greek yogurt, and I'm just going to place it right into the bowl that I'm going to serve from, because I'm a big believer in easy cleanup. So, I've got about half a cup of the Greek yogurt here, and then I'm going to take my fresh lemon - first, I'm going to wipe it down with an Eat Cleaner wipe, and what's great about this wipe is that it's food grade, and it's specifically formulated to remove wax, pesticide residue, and you know, there's a lot of different hands touching your produce in the store before it gets to you. So just a really simple, quick way, easy way, to clean your produce. So I've got my lemon, I'm going to halve that. And I like my tzatziki super lemony. Take a little bit of the seed out. I don't mind getting a little bit of seed in there, but you know, just to make it easy for people to eat by the spoonful. Take the seed out, and then I'm going to juice it. Ah, this is a little bit big for my juicer here. Cut it again. Oh what the heck, I'm just going to do it by hand. Let's get right in there. Sometimes equipment makes life easier, and sometimes in doesn't. Alright, so I've got half a lemon in there, and you can just use your hand to get the seeds out of there, but even if you get a couple in there, it's okay. I'm going to mix that up, and then I've got my grated cucumber. I like to grate it because it helps to release some of the juices from the cucumber, too, and it makes it really easy to incorporate into the yogurt. I've got about probably three tablespoons of cucumber. I like it super cucumber-y, too. It's almost like you get a salad in your dip. So I've got my cucumber. Then, I'm going to chop the dill last, but I'm going to take my garlic and give it a press. I'm going to use two cloves for this, and I like to use the garlic press, because then you don't bite into a big piece of garlic, which can be a turnoff. Unless you're... well, especially if you're a vampire. Okay, so I've got my garlic. I'm going to mix that up again. You can see that Greek yogurt's just got so much body to it, I love it. Nice and thick and creamy. And then I've got my fresh dill. I'm going to chop that up. Make some room on my cutting board here; I've got a party going on here. Just chop it up. And it's so fragrant. I love using fresh herbs, because it adds so much flavor and color to your food without any fat or calories. And there you have it. That is your yogurt sauce. And this sauce, I put it on everything. If you're grilling, it's great with grilled chicken or fish, and then of course delicious with our lettuce wrap. So there you have, first sauce down. So that took us, what, about two minutes? Easy peasy. Okay, I'm going to clean my surface off, because it's important to have a clean working area, and on to the next one. We're going to make an Asian-inspired peanut sauce. The first thing I do is, I get all of my ingredients kind of pre-ready to go, so the assembly process is really quick. I've got powdered peanut butter. If you've never used this, I love this stuff. It's got so much less fat and calories than regular peanut butter, and it tastes just like it. It's going to blow your mind. I've got my low sodium soy sauce; we want to keep the salt out of our food, too, to keep it clean, a little bit of chili sauce, some white wine vinegar, and off to the races. So let's assemble it. The first thing that we're going to do, is we're going to get our peanut butter - buttered, I should say. So I'm going to take about, oh, well, let's just dump the whole thing out, because you can always use this peanut sauce, and I've got about three tablespoons here. Then what I'm going to do, is I'm going to add in my water kind of slowly, because we want to reconstitute this and get it to the consistency of a normal peanut butter. This has about 85 percent less fat and calories - only about 40 calories per two tablespoons, so you don't have to feel guilty about your peanut butter in there. And as you can, just add a little bit of water, and it shapes right up. So we get that nice and smooth, then I'm going to add in my low sodium soy sauce. We've got about, oh, roughly a tablespoon. Mix that in. And then I've got my chili sauce. Now this is pretty spicy, so if you don't like spicy food, go really easy on this or just leave that part out, but I'm going to add a little bit more than a teaspoon because I like spicy food. Mix that together, and then about a tablespoon of white wine vinegar. And there you have it, you've got your dipping sauces for your lettuce wraps. And I've already made these. These wraps were made with tofu and fish. Just going to take a bite here, see how they taste. This one, I love that yogurt sauce. That is so good. This one's the tofu one, let's try this one. Peanut sauce with a little bit of... You guys, so good. Healthy, easy to make. You'll be eating cleaner in no time. I'm the Fit Foodie. Here's to eating cleaner every day. See you soon.


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