How to Clean Broccoli in a Colander

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When it comes to cleaning broccoli, you'll soon find out that a simple colander will be your best friend. Clean broccoli in a colander with help from the founder and president of Grow Green Industries, Inc in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, I'm chef Mareya, the Fit Foody, and you're watching the video series on how to eat cleaner. And today I'm going to show you how to clean broccoli in a colander. This is maybe one of my favorite things to do, which I know sounds crazy but it's kind of like a magic trick. I have two pieces of broccoli here. Normal broccoli that you buy in the store, and what do you normally do? You normally rinse it in water right? And this is what ends up happening. It just beads up on the surface and rolls right off. That's not very clean. I don't think that's very clean. Doesn't do much to it. But check this out. I've got the eat cleaner all natural fruit and vegetable wash. I'm going to spray this in my colander and already, you're going to see a huge difference in the color of the broccoli. Check that out. Look at that. Dull, shiny. Now I'm going to show you that this is really working with the water. Remember how that just rolled off? Just beads up, doesn't do anything? Look at that. Just goes right through. Now you can really get your broccoli clean. So just set up your colander on top of a bowl or in your sink just like that, spray, give it a nice coating with the eat cleaner fruit and vegetable wash, let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse, and you've got clean broccoli. It's as easy at that. Now which one would you rather eat? I'm taking this one. And that's it, so you've got your you can even see in the water all the nasty stuff that's come off there, but after you've got your broccoli nice and clean, you can dry that off, cut it up, prep it, put it in your reusable containers, throw it in to soups, salads, any kind of dish that you want to get more greens into and greens are really important for your diet. So the more broccoli the better. And it's as easy as that. Two minutes to cleaner, safer, longer lasting fresh produce. Especially in this case, broccoli, which I love. And my kids love it too. Try it. This is chef Mareya, and I hope you have a great week eating cleaner. Take care.


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