How to Garden Pickling Cucumbers

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Pickling cucumbers are a very specific variety and are small enough to fit in a jar. Learn how to garden pickling cucumbers with help from a board member of the Ocean View Farms Organic Community Garden in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi from and this is how to garden pickling cucumbers. Pickling cucumbers are a different variety of cucumbers and there are several that are basically smaller so that they fit in a jar. Typically pickling cucumbers mature between 48 and 60 days and they like to be grown in full sun which means at least six hours a day in temperatures that are above 70 degrees. You can grow them with or without a trellis and you want your soil to be loamy which means it has lots of compost or organic matter in it so that water drains well and it holds nutrients well. Now cucumbers are heavy feeders so you want to make sure there's plenty of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. If you're growing from seed, follow the package directions, it's usually very informative about how deep to plant the seeds and how far apart. If you're growing from transplants from a nursery, be careful when you take out the plant and put it in the soil. You want to tease the roots apart but not too much because cucumbers are kind of fickle and they don't like to have their roots disturbed. So when you put them in the ground be sure you water them in well and I like to use kelp emulsion as soon as I transplant my seedlings. I also water with kelp emulsion every two weeks to ensure that the plants are getting enough nutrients, especially phosphorus. Be sure to guide your vines up a trellis by winding them around and letting the tendrils grab on. And if you want to hand pollinate you can do so by using a little paintbrush to take pollen from the male flowers and paint them onto the female flowers. You can also pinch the tops of your cucumbers once they reach the top of your trellis in order to encourage more growth down below. I'm Christy Wilhelmi from, and this is how to garden pickling cucumbers.


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