How to Grow Cucumbers in a Circle

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The technical name for growing cucumbers in a circle is called "circle planting." Grow cucumbers in a circle with help from a board member of the Ocean View Farms Organic Community Garden in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi with, and this is how to grow cucumbers in a circle. Now, there's actually a name for this: It's called "circle planting", and there are a couple of different ways to do it. But the idea is that you're growing in a confined space that actually gives you higher yields per square foot that you're using. So, here's how it goes: You take a circle, draw a circle on the ground that's two feet across, and you're going to plant cucumber seeds every four inches, all the way around the diameter of that circle--around the circumference. That will give you about 18 plants per circle. Now, here's where there are a couple different ways to do it: You can let them sprall as they grow, and the vines will form a living mulch, which then cuts out the sun exposure to the soil, which means it retains water better, which is very good. In that case, what you would do is not thin any of the plants out, but you would want to remove any diseased or wilted plants. Now, the other way to do it is to grow them up a trellis. So, you want to install your trellis first. And you can do that with either a really sturdy tomato cage, or a cylinder of chicken wire, or something like that. Anchor that firmly into the ground, and then plant your seeds around the outside. As they grow, you'll wind them up the trellis, and when they reach the top, you can either add another layer and have it continue to grow, or you can pinch off the tops and let it bush out and create higher yields there. I'm Christy Wilhelmi with


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