Differences That Teenagers Have With Their Parents

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As a child ages, the differences that he or she shares with their parents grow in numbers. Learn about differences that teenagers have with their parents with help from a psychologist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Dr. Jeff Gardere, “America’s Psychologist,” discussing the differences between teenagers and their parents. If women are from Venus and men are from Mars, then certainly it can be said that parents are from Pluto and teenagers are from…Tennessee? Well, you get the point. The reality is that both parents and teenagers are simply in different phases of life, and therefore may not be on the same page, causing lots of conflict. The following are some fundamental differences between teenagers and their parents. While teenagers are living a life of excitement, fantasy, and unimaginable potential - in other words, the world is their oyster - parents, on the other hand, are a little less joyous than their teenagers, because they must live in the reality of family responsibilities, jobs, finances, mid-life crises, possible health issues, and, of course, the daily routine of survival. While parents are totally invested in their family, those annoying rascals called teenagers are doing everything in their power to distance themselves from the family unit, because their peers and friends are extremely important to their socialization and daily lives - not to mention, being lovesick over boyfriends and girlfriends. Finally, while parents are doing their absolute best to try to instill family values, self-discipline, and character to their teenagers, the teenagers are involved in what we call in psychology “individuation.” That’s where they’re doing their absolute best to forge separate identities, often doing the opposite of what they see from their parents’ personalities and behaviors, in order to establish their own distinct and individual personalities. The best thing both parents and teenagers can do in order to minimize the conflict that comes from the different mindsets is to actually be aware of their differences. They must begin to understand that it is their age difference and responsibilities which distinguish who they are and how they behave. Therefore, they should not personalize so much what they perceive as annoying behavior coming from either parent or teenager. This is Dr. Jeff Gardere, “America’s Psychologist,” with the differences between teenagers and their parents.


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