Parenting With the Right Level of Praise

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Praising your child for positive behavior is the best type of reinforcement that is available. Learn about parenting with the right level of praise with help from a psychologist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Dr. Jeff Gardere, America's Psychologist, and today we're talking about parenting with the right level of praise. Well, anyway you cut it, praising your child for positive behavior is the best form of reinforcement that's out there. It's also very economic and downright cheap because it costs nothing to give your child and at a boy or at a girl versus buying them a toy every time they engage in a desired behavior. However, studies and the popular media have also demonstrated that as a society, perhaps we've over praised our children to the point of turning them into spoiled brats. You got it! Thus, the key to making praise and effective tool is how often and when it's used. With that in mind, here are some guidelines for engaging in effective praise. First and foremost, praise should be used for very young children on a more consistent basis in order to motivate them to engage in a behavior such as stepping into school, picking up a book and studying. Also, engaging in extra-curricular or new activities. That being said, measure and be precised in the praise that you give. As the child gets older, you should begin to taper down the praise for incremental behaviors and instead give that praise when bigger goals or accomplishments have been met. In order to get your child to become more self-motivated without having to have to be their cheerleader at every turn, encourage them to learn how to self-talk and offer self-praise and other rewards for their achievements. The proper praise has one more unintentional but extremely vital benefit; it's reminder to you as the parent of all of the great efforts and accomplishments of your child. This has been Jeff Gardere, America's Psychologist talking about parenting with the right level of praise.


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