How to Draw Skin in Photoshop

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Drawing skin in Photoshop will also require you to draw the body that skin is attached to. Draw skin in Photoshop with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio, I'm a Graphic Artist and I'm going to show you how to draw skin in Photoshop. So, what I've done here is I've drawn out a basic hand shape for you to give you a general idea for how you can draw skin with the right light in it. So, what you're first going to do is take your shape and add a layer below it and the way you do this is you go down this little panel next to your trash can and you select create a new layer and that'll just give you a blank empty layer. So, what you can do is select your hand shape and select the layer below it and I'm going to pick my skin tone and fill in, oops, fill in the color that you have. Now, you've got this ugly, like anti-aliasing line, so what you can do is just select the paintbrush tool and go back in and just quickly, really quickly just fill it in. Oops, actually the reason that happens is I filled it in on top. So, I'm going to, like I said, the layer below and that way you'll get less of this anti, that anti-aliasing line. You can still go back with your paintbrush though and fill in the parts that you know, didn't fill in as well 'cause there will be, you know, times when that happens. Okay. So, after you've picked your skin tone, you're going to want to decide where your light is coming from. So, I want my light to come from the left; so, I'm just going to remind myself by drawing two little lines, that's where my light is. And so, I'm going to add another layer and you don't have to do this; but, if you don't want to make mistakes, you probably want to add another layer and then you can merge your layers later, later which I'll show you. So then, you're going to, there's two ways you can play with the light and skin. You can use the freeform pen tool or you can use the paintbrush and I'm going to use the freeform pen tool because it's a little more precise with what I'm looking for. But, normally, what it's going to look like just a pen like this and don't be fooled, this is the pen tool; the freeform pen tool is right below it and the difference is with freeform, you can do something like that, with the pen tool, you can't. So, I'm going to use the freeform pen tool, select a slightly darker color to, to represent my shading and then I'm going to go in and start shading my hand and it's okay if you want to shade on the outside like I'm doing because we're going to do something called a clipping mask which I will show you in just a moment. Alright. So then, once you've got your areas that you want filled in drawn out, you can hold down control click and you can do fill path, this button right here and then, you're going to say okay, yes foreground color, push okay and this will fill in your hand. Now, you're probably going to get super frustrated at this because of this outlines, this out, outlines color thing. But, all you got to do is hold down control, click the layer that is on, create a clipping mask and immediately it's going to take out anything that isn't in line. And so then, once you've done that, you can control click and delete path and this will get rid of your path. And that is how you draw skin in Photoshop. My name is Alex Cecilio and thank you very much.


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