How to Draw a Fantasy Landscape in Photoshop

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Drawing a fantasy landscape in Photoshop is a great opportunity to really unleash your imagination. Draw a fantasy landscape in Photoshop with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a Graphic Artist, and I'm going to show you a fantasy landscape background in Photoshop. So, what I've done here is I've actually gone to file, new and what this is going to do is open up your options for what your paper is going to look like and just select US paper and go to image, image rotation and just go to counterclockwise, clockwise and make sure it's 90 degrees so that way it's landscape as oppose to portrait. So, then you're going to go to your brush tool; actually no, you're going to actually go to your pen tool, your free form pen tool and this is down right at, right above the text horizontal type tool; you're going to hold down the pen tool and select the free form pen tool. And with this, I'm actually going to be able to draw my, my landscape. But, the first thing you're going to do once you've done that is to create a new layer and this is just going to create a layer above the one you have. And I'm actually going to create a couple of layers because we're going to need a couple. So, the first one I'm going to do is just the landscape grass kind of thing. Oops, you can do that a couple of times if you need to. Okay. And select the color; I'm going to select kind of a really neony green color, kind of dark and a little unsaturated just to give it that kind of a really unrealistic, but like fantasy like grass color. And so then, you're going to hold down option and you can select fill path; make sure you're using the foreground color as oppose to the background. Select okay and there you got your grass. And you can actually drag this layer above. And so, you're going to go to your under layer and I'm going to select kind of like a purple bluish color for my mountains. And you can do that, make sure it's connected like this, once you've drawn it, just make sure that your shape is reconnected so that way when you fill your path, it'll fully fill. And if your layers on top, it'll look like that and it'll just make you mad. So, make sure it's on the bottom layer. Alright. And actually I'm going to drag this last layer I put on the very bottom and I'm going to fill it with a dark and I'm actually going to use gradient, so, go to your, on the left you got your paint bucket tool, hold down paint bucket and just select the gradient tool. And what you can do then is select two colors that you want to be gradient in your painting. So, I'm going to have black and let's do this like a really dark, kind of like a turquoise color and then you can drag it like that. And you can always refill the color if you want and one trick that people often stumble upon is that once you've drawn something with the pen tool, the path is still define; so if you go to control and you click it, just delete the path and it'll vanish and you'll be all set. And I'm actually going to change the color of my grass because it doesn't really look dark enough and you make it kind of look, yeah, there we go. And you can hold down the paint bucket tool instead of the gradient tool and just fill it. And then at this point, you can just add a couple stars in the background if you want. Paint, Photoshop has this really cool thing, there's a really cool Photoshop brush called the aurora brush, okay. So, the way you find it, if you can't find it, just zoom in to the top here; go to this little panel right here, click this little button on the right and go just to brushes and this will pop up and you'll get this aurora paint brush tool and it's really neat 'cause of what it does and I'm about to show you that. And just make sure you add a new layer. It's got this kind of like northern lights kind of thing and at first your picture might not look like this, but you can always go to filter and you can do all sorts of fun stuff with it. I'm going to try, I'm going to go to smudge stick and this will really just give you a slightly more defined kind of effect. But, skipping the sky for now; what's really going to define your fantasy landscape is your, is your, your, what's in the foreground. So, I'm just going to draw a really quick tree using the free form pen tool, like this. And you can be as picky as you want about your tree, just make sure that it looks kind of weird 'cause it's like, you know, fantasy tree. So, I'm going to do like a little curling branch like this and you can add your roots kind of like that. And then you can fill your path with whatever color. I'm going to do something weird like purple. Okay. And this one little last trick I'm going to show you is how to make some cool stripes on this tree using a clipping mask. So, you're going to add a new layer, you're going to pick a color that you want and we're going to add some lines to make, make it look a little more like there are some stripes on this tree. Go to your paint brush tool, select whatever size you want; I'm going to use a big, big brush and I'm just going to draw lines that'll make this tree kind of have like a, a bit of a pattern to it. And you can absolutely draw outside of the lines; this is okay in this instance and you'll see why once I'm finished because this has to be the coolest thing about Photoshop and the creative sweet in general is the, the ability to mask things. And don't be discouraged if it's starting to look ugly 'cause it, it's going to make all the difference once you create the mask. Okay. So, then, you can push control, create clipping mask and this is going to clip it so that your tree is striped. And then, just for future reference, you can always download brushes online for free that give you star shapes and like planet shapes and stuff. And actually, I'll show you just one more little thing before I let you go. Just select another color; add a layer above your mountains, use the free form pen tool and just kind of do something like this to both of your mountains and because your light source is kind of in the corner, as you can see it's over here, you're just going to want to have some shapes to define this mountain 'cause otherwise it'll just look like a giant blacky shape. And then just fill your path with your foreground color and create a clipping mask and voila, you've got your beginning of a fantasy landscape. And you know, you can really get in depth with it, but this is just some tips and tricks for helping you out to make, you know, your ideal fantasy landscape. And this is how you create a fantasy landscape in Photoshop. My name is Alex Cecilio, thank you very much.


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