How Do I Determine Where to Divide a Trapezoid?

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Determining where to divide a trapezoid depends entirely on just how many parts you're trying to end up with. Determine where to divide a trapezoid with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to answer the question, "How do I determine where to divide a trapezoid?" Well, it really depends on how many parts you want to divide a trapezoid into. So, you know, we have to answer that question before you can determine where to divide a trapezoid. So, if you have a trapezoid and these are all just going to be rough sketches going forward; if you want to determine for example, you want to divide it into two equal parts, then the logical thing would be to look at the middle of the bases and then draw a line and then you have two equal parts of the trapezoid. Now, if you have trapezoid and you want to divide it into three equal parts, then you want to think about breaking up into three pieces and the most logical portion would be breaking up to three equal triangles. So, you want to divide it like so and again, these are rough sketches; so, this would be one division and then the other division would be here. And as you can tell, you have one, two, three triangles that again, if you draw up correctly will be equal. So, depending on how many parts that you want to break it up into, that will really answer the question, "How do I determine where to divide a trapezoid". So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that answers the question how do I determine how to divide a trapezoid.


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