Boyle's Law Math Problems

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Boyle's Law is a very important rule that is used in science as well as mathematics. Learn about Boyle's Law math problems with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about Boyle's Law math problems. Now as you know Boyle's Law is a very important rule that's used in math as well as the sciences with which it's a major component and once you understand how Boyle's Law works you can use the math to kind of solve math problems involving Boyle's Law. Now the scenarios might vary so depending on how it's written you may use different equations and here's a couple of illustrations as to how Boyle's Law might be used, one of which is of the form V is equal to A over P. Now V stands for the volume of the object, A is the proportionality constant so this is a variable that will never change and P refers to the pressure of the object. Now that's a very popular form for which Boyle's Law is used and depending on the scenario it may involve you plugging in values and then solve for certain variables. Now another type of equation in which Boyle's Law might be used is of this particular form, V 1, P 1 is equal to V 2, P 2. Now the subscripts tend to make folks a little uneasy but just understand that the subscripts are really a way of ordering and organizing the variables. Now V 1 refers to the initial volume of the object and if you understand that V 1 is the initial volume then P 1 is the initial pressure of the object. Now, what does V 2, P 2 mean? Now V 2, if V 1 is the initial volume, then V 2 is the ending volume and then P 2 would be the ending pressure. So depending again on what the scenario is you may be asked to use one of these equations and then it might involve you plugging in values to solve for whatever it is that you need. So I'm Jimmy Chang and there's a couple of examples on Boyle's Law math problems.


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