How to Teach Addition & Subtraction to Preschoolers

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Preschool is a great age to get kids interested in things like addition and subtraction. Teach addition and subtraction to preschoolers with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about how to teach addition and subtraction to preschoolers. Now, addition and subtraction are two very fundamental concepts, and with preschoolers, if you can use models or scenarios that they can relate to, then, hopefully, they'll be able to pick it up in short order. Now, a few suggestions in terms of models would be, if you're using large blocks, you can have the preschoolers combine them or take blocks away, and that will help teach the foundation of addition versus subtraction. If you like, you can also use money, specifically, if you want to use coins as a way to introduce addition and subtraction. Taking dimes or quarters, combining them, or subtracting pennies, etcetera. That's another way to help them understand addition and subtraction at a very early level. Another illustration that you can use is, use candy. Again, you can combine candy, add candy together, or take away pieces of candy, and have them count what's left over, or how many you have at the very end. Then that's a very good way for them to relate to and perhaps share in the resources. But, again, if you use applications that they can relate to fairly quickly, that'll allow you to introduce the ideas of addition and subtraction. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and those are a few suggestions on how to teach addition and subtraction to preschoolers.


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