Problems That Involve Combinatorics in Math

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Many different problems involve Combinatorics in math, whether you realize it or not. Find out about problems that involve Combinatorics in math with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about problems that involve combinatorics in Math. Now, combinatorics involve a lot of counting principles and probab, and also use in probability, Algebra, et cetera, so here's a few illustrations as to the kinds of combinatorics problems. So, one popular concept is the use of tree diagrams. Now, what this allows folks to do is to be able to visually see the different kinds of possibilities and that's a very important part of combinatorics. Now, birthday problems are also popular in combinatorics. Now, what are birthday problems? Well, more often than not, you're going to involve the study of the probability of two, perhaps more people having the same birthday. That's a pretty fascinating concept in, in of itself. Combinatorics also involve the popular uses of permutations as well as combinations. Now, they both involve the number of ways you can arrange certain objects, a few taken at a time. Now, combinatorics also involves the use of the pigeonhole principle and related to permutation and combinations factorial questions. Now, factorials is multiplication of in order of numbers. For example, you have five factorial, that's five times four, time three, times two, times one. So, as you can tell, there's a wide array of kinds of problems of combinatorics and it's pretty applied area of Math. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and those are examples of problems use in combinatorics.


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