How to Draw a Puppy in Illustrator

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Drawing a puppy in Illustrator only requires you to work with the most basic of shapes. Draw a puppy in Illustrator with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a graphic artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a puppy in Illustrator. So I'm going to just draw a very basic puppy shape for you, the head at least. So what I'm going to start with is I'm going to go to the ellipse tool and the shortcut is just to push L and just draw an ellipse. Now, and then after you do that go to the direct selection tool and you can select your anchor, select your left and right but just start with your left and you can adjust how the shape of the ellipse is going to look. So we want kind of a more yes, so you want this kind of shape. So I'm going to actually just go ahead and draw a, and make sure you still have the direct selection tool, just drag a rectangle over half of the shape and then it looks like the whole shape is selected but only half is. So you're going to delete that and then you're going to have this half. So then just hold down option and then just drag it and then you can either right click or push control and click and go to transform and reflect and just do a vertical reflection and that way you've got your, a direct copy of what you've just made. Alright so here we have the head and I'm actually going to lock this layer and now we're going to do the ears. So go to the pen tool and you can choose whatever tool you want to do this. I'm choosing the pen tool because of the ability to make nice bent lines perfectly. So I'm just going to draw this year shape. Okay so here we've got the ear and we're going to make it a little bit bigger. So there we've got one ear and I'm just going to hold down like we did before with the face, hold down option, drag it, control click, transform and reflect and there we've got a direct reflection. We just want to make sure that ear looks almost identical. And you will be able to see the lines for now but we're going to fix that and if you want, if you think your head might be too bulky you can just go back to the direct selection tool, select one of these anchors and actually I've got it locked so make sure you unlock it and also what you're going to want to do is just make sure that this shape is one shape so I for example, this isn't a shape yet, it's two shapes so just make sure you select it and with the selection tool, not the direct selection tool, select both, go to your pathfinder window and if that's not open, just go to window and in the bottom pathfinder sits right there. And then select the unite button which is this button on the left, far left and it will just create one full shape. So now we've got the face and now we're going to draw the eyes. So you can use the ellipse tool and just draw a tiny little circle and just drag that here like that. So now we've got the eyes and then if you want them to be more puppy like and kind of shiny, we'll just add another little ellipse and copy and paste that or you know, copy it, the way you did before. Okay so now we've got the puppy's eyes, okay so now we're going to draw its nose and this part can get a little bit tricky. So just zoom into your face and select the ellipse tool and draw an ellipse but draw it kind of like an oval and then go to your direct selection tool again and select these anchors just like we did with the face. We're going to make a dog nose and you can do exactly what we did with the face, just select half of it and delete it so that way we've got a half and we can just copy it and do exactly what we did with the face, transform it, reflect it and there we've got our nose. We're almost finished, just make sure to go back to your pathfinder window and select unite so that it's one shape and go back to your direct selection tool if you think this is kind of too pointy, you can always actually select it like this and you can move this back up if that's too small. Alright, so now we've got this dog nose, just make it a little bigger because dogs have, like that. Okay and so we've already got our nose. Now we're just going to go to the line tool, the line segment tool, drag a line down like this and make it one point. Okay so here we've got our puppy outline drawing. So now what we're going to do is we're going to fill it in. So simply select all your head shape and your ears and select a color. So I'm going to select a brown color and we have a brown dog and just to finish off our dog we're going to draw a tongue because dogs often have their tongue hanging out of their mouth and we're just going to draw a little tongue like that and you can change the stroke slightly to be smaller so that way it looks a little better and then just draw a line right down the center of the tongue like so. And I'm actually going to make the eyes a little bit bigger and I'm going to lock the face because actually don't lock the face but just if you want to make your eyes bigger, you can zoom in and select the selection tool and select your eyes and just make them a little bigger by doing this and then that's a little too far so we're going to just, and then if you look, and there you have your puppy head. My name is Alex, and this is how you draw a puppy in Illustrator. Thank you.


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