Good Protein Dinner for Teens That's Healthy

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There are a few different dishes that you can make for teens that are both high in protein and healthy. Make a good protein dinner for teens that is also healthy with help from an author and media personality in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Stress Less, Weigh Less Recipes
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Mosier and I'm the author of "Stress Less, Weigh Less," and today I'm going to show you how to make a good protein dinner for teens that's healthy. So we're going to do two different dishes and I'm going to start by showing you how to make my cheesy chicken. This is one of the easy recipes in my book and then we're going to move on and make my French fries which are delicious, low calorie but still filling. So we'll do that next. So to do the chicken I've already pre-prepared one in here and then I'm going to show you how to put together the other one but all you need is a boneless, skinless chicken breast. We're doing two so I have two of them, a slice of either provolone or Swiss cheese and I use the reduced fat cheeses because I think you lose nothing with taste, you lose those calories and you lose some of the saturated fat but you're still good with that and then we need either cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup. My kids don't like cream of mushroom so I use cream of chicken and then lastly we're just going to use some bread crumbs. So you're going to preheat your oven to 375 and then take your baking dish, spray it with cooking spray. Now, we're going to take, first let me show you this. I hope you can see it, that's what it looks like after we've layered it up and let me show you how quick and easy this is. So we're going to take our boneless, skinless chicken breast, put it right there in the plate, the piece of cheese goes next, next you're going to use a quarter cup of soup for each chicken breast. So now matter how many you're making, just use about a quarter cup of soup on it. That looks great and then lastly, we're just going to grab some of these bread crumbs, about a tablespoon, sprinkle it over the top, and that is all there is to it. We're going to go ahead and place this in the oven at 375, it takes about an hour to cook and you'll know it's done when it's all bubbling. Our chicken is in the oven. So now we want to go ahead and make some healthy French fries. I love French fries, teenagers love French fries but I don't like all of the saturated fat and the high calories so I figured out a way to make them low calorie and healthy. All you need is a Russet potato. Now I've used a couple potatoes here so I can show you exactly how to do it but believe it or not, one potato makes so much food it's going to astound you. The hardest part of this recipe is just cutting it thin. You want to take your time and cut the slices thin and I'm going to show you just with a few. The reason you want to cut the slices so thin is it makes a big difference in how it tastes. The thinner the slice the more it tastes like French fries or even sometimes like baked potato chips. They're delicious. So I don't know if you can see this but I've got them cut this thin. I can basically almost see through them. Once you have your potato cut up, now you just want to put them in a bowl. I've already added a few here and then you're going to spray them with cooking spray. Make sure they're saturated well because that's what helps them to brown in the oven. So we toss these around with the cooking spray and then, we're almost done, we're just going to add a little bit of garlic salt and some fresh pepper. I like to use fresh pepper because there's lots of antioxidants in it but if you don't have fresh pepper, that's fine, just use regular. Now the slices are going to stick together because of the cooking spray and because it's potatoes so there's starch. So make sure you get them evenly coated with all the spices. And I think we're good, whoops. Just set that aside and then lastly, we're going to go ahead and put these on a cookie sheet. Now I've already loaded this cookie sheet up and again you want to be cautious to lay them out thin and in as even layer as you can because that helps them to get really brown and crispy. So, we'll just add a few more over here and you can see I take my time, I place these pretty carefully because it makes them taste so good and that's it. We're going to go ahead and put these in the oven at 425. They will take about 35 minutes to cook. You just want to wait until they're brown and crispy on the edges and then we'll be good to go. Alright we're going to go ahead and check and see if our dinner is ready, and it is. Oh these are gorgeous. Well first we're taking out our French fries and our chicken is perfect too. Okay, if you can take a look at this, these French fries are absolutely perfect. They're all nice and brown and crispy. Now even these ones at the edge that look like they're over-done, they're not, these are the ones that taste like potato chips and the kids always fight over them. So those are perfect. Now the cheesy chicken, if you can take a look here, it's brown, it's bubbling and it is delicious. So there you have it, a good protein dinner for teens that's healthy.


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