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A western spinach salad needs to be prepared in a very particular way for the best possible results. Make a western spinach salad with help from the founder of a lifestyle brand and yoga studio in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Lauren Imparato, founder and owner of I.AM.YOU. in New York. I'm going to show you how to make a western salad, It's something I often recommend to my yoga and nutrition students, and being a Cali girl, it's a perfect, perfect combo and I've specialized it over the years. So the first thing is you need a base of spinach salad. I like the baby spinach best and if you buy it prewashed, it saves you about nine minutes. Then you're going to need some protein. If you're a vegetarian, you can use black beans, best in the salad. If you prefer chicken, you can use chicken. If you're a megadude and you need double the protein because you're working out that much, you can use both. Some corn, canned or fresh, whatever is easiest for you. A red onion, chopped up. One or two tomatoes, an avocado, a yellow red pepper and then the specialty, blue corn chips. And then the dressing we'll use olive oil, red wine vinegar and potentially some Tabasco if you like some spice. So let's get started. You're going to take your spinach salad, baby spinach, and put it into your bowl. And I'm just going to make it up so there's some space in between the individual leaves so the dressing and all the ingredients get in there. Then I'm going to take my tomato and chop it. If you're a great dicer, go for it, make it really fine. If it's tough for you, no worries, put larger chunks. I'm going to add that to the spinach. And again start to mix it up a little bit with my hands just now. Take an avocado, slice it down the middle, and then take one half and do slices across. If you're going to have beans and chicken and avocado, I would just use half the avocado so you don't feel totally weighted down after the salad. Take a yellow pepper, cut it in half, take the seeds out, scoop them, and then dice half the yellow pepper and add it in as well. Then I'm going to take the red onion. I already bought it pre bought because I just keep an open container of it in my fridge. And throw some in. Yellow corn, drop some in here as well. Now in a small bowl, I'm going to take some olive oil, some vinegar, just a little bit of it in there, not so much. And I'm going to whisk it around. Before I put my protein in, I'm going to dress the salad. Here you go. Then you're going to toss the salad. Then you're going to take the chicken or beans and throw in one or the other. If you like the Tabasco, this is where I would add the Tabasco on top of the chicken and the beans. Toss it. Then you take the blue chips and you crush them and then throw them on top of the salad. And voila. Western spinach salad I.AM.YOU. So I'm Lauren from I.AM.YOU. and I hope you have a great salad. If you want to add something to drink with it, I suggest a sweeter white wine. Thanks.


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