Apricot Spinach Salad

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Apricot spinach salad is great for people who like to mix their fruits and vegetables together. Make apricot spinach salad with help from the founder of a lifestyle brand and yoga studio in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lauren Imparato, owner and founder at I.Am.You. At I.AM.You I teach yoga and I'm a nutritionist and I love salad. Growing up we actually had an apricot tree in my back yard and so I'm going to teach you how to make an apricot spinach salad for Summer. Ready? So for salads with fruit I like to use a combination of wilted spinach which is cooked and fresh baby spinach. In fact, ideally I would have it all be wilted baby spinach but we'll do combination here. The wilted spinach made before hand. I put it in a pan for five minutes with a lid on and just let it cook down. It shrinks so remember to add a little bit more than you think you need. To my bowl here I'm going to add a bed of fresh baby spinach and wilted spinach. Then I'm going to come and I'm going to take some apricots make sure they're soft but not so juicy it's going to be a big mess and slice it into slices and we're going to add that in. Then I'm going to take some pecans and drizzle them on top, unsalted would be the best but if you like them salted for a little extra salt, go for it. Then the key ingredient to this is Pecorino cheese from Italy. Pecorino is going to add protein, salt and a lot of flavor. So not only do you have textures going on in this salad but you have flavor as well. It's a little bit like the classic Italian combination of pear and Parmesan. I've invented the I.Am.You combination of apricots and Pecorino. So we're going to add that and for the dressing we're going to go from another tree from my back yard in California which is lemons. So you're going to squeeze a lemon down and cut it in half and we're going to be pretty generous here. And then, olive oil, try and avoid the apricot and olive oil or put it on, it depends on your taste buds to be honest. We're going to do a light toss and there you go, I.Am.You's apricot spinach salad. I'm Lauren Imparato. Enjoy and pair this with a sweet or dry white wine whichever is more to your liking. Happy Summer.


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