Italian Spinach Salad

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Italian spinach salad needs to be prepared in a very particular way for the maximum amount of authenticity. Make Italian spinach salad with help from the founder of a lifestyle brand and yoga studio in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Ciao! I'm Lauren Imparato, Founder and Owner of I.AM.YOU. At I.AM.YOU, I teach Yoga and I work as a Nutritionist. And I'm a Cali girl whose lived in Italy, so I'm going to teach you how to make the most amazing Italian spinach salad. Pronto? Okay. So, you're going to take your baby spinach and you're going to throw it into your bowl. I like baby spinach the best, especially pre-washed. You toss them in. Then, we have a set of classic Italian ingredients. The first we're going to add our roasted bell peppers. You can roast them on your own if you have the time, go for it; if not, I like to buy canned or contents of Italian roasted red peppers. You can usually find them in your grocery aisle and they're usually made to perfection. I've some slices, they're pretty acidic; so, make sure that you drip off the water and then you can dice it up and toss that in. Then, we're going to take green beans; I've pre-steamed these. If you don't want to steam, you can also sautee, just put them in your pan with a little bit of olive oil or just plain with some water and add these in. And then, I'm going to take diced red onion, you can, you can always leave the red onion out. Drop that in. Then, as the protein in the salad, I have large cannellini beans; they're amazing and classically Italian. You're going to throw those, those in. If you don't like beans and you wanted a more intense protein source, I recommend buying a can of high end Spanish or Italian tuna and adding those fillets to the top. Then, I have some artichoke hearts which I've already bought, also from Italy imported; usually your grocery aisle some in there and I'm going to dice those in half and add them. And then, le olive, the olives; you can always leave this out of course and throw them on top. Now, I'm going to take a small bowl and use Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar for this one, just a little bit and whisk that up. Put around. Toss. And it's pronto. This is an Italian spinach salad from Lauren Imparato at I.AM.YOU; amazing with any Italian wine, maybe a full bodied white. Ciao, le verifiche!


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