Vegetarian Spinach Salad

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Vegetarian spinach salad is so great that even the meat lovers in your family will be begging for more. Make vegetarian spinach salad with help from the founder of a lifestyle brand and yoga studio in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Lauren Imparato, Founder and Owner of I.AM.YOU. At I.AM.YOU, I teach Yoga and I work as a Nutritionist and I love salad being a good old Cali girl. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make a vegetarian spinach salad. I was actually a vegetarian for eight years and still eat about 50 percent, if not more, a vegetarian. So, I've tasted all the recipes. Alright. Here we go. I'm going to start with a bed of baby spinach and you're going to put it in your bowl. And then, we're going to make what I'm going to call the side salad special. And you're going to take a small bowl and you're going to put in some quinoa; normal or red, whatever you prefer. Steam it or buy it pre-cook, whichever is easiest for your lifestyle and you're going to put it in a small bowl. You're also going to add some garbanzo beans, touchy beans, depending what you call them and put those in. Then, you're going to add red onion and canned peas or fresh peas, again, what's best, whatever is best for your lifestyle and throw those in. You're going to add some olive oil, some pepper and you're going to stir it up. This we're going to add to the vegetarian spinach salad, but you're also going to keep it on the side for a snack or for a side dish for whatever; so, really you're going to eat two salads out of one. Now, let's go back to this spinach first. So, you have your spinach, you have your side salad; take some sliced mushrooms, chop them, add it. Some asparagus; I have this from the night before, but you can grill or steam it, chop it up, add it in. Now, you're going to take a small bowl and add some a Grey Poupon. "Oh, excuse me sir, do you have any Grey Poupon?" "Yes, we do." And we're going to take a fork full and throw it in. Then, we're going to add olive oil and balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar; actually both would go really nicely here. I'm in a balsamic mood today. You're going to whisk it up with the Grey Poupon, "Tsu, tsu, tsu, tsu", pour it all over the salad. Then, you're going to add your side salad, the protein part; throw that in as much as you want; maybe you just want a little bit like a topping. And then we're going to toss. And voila!. The vegetarian salad ala spinach. I'm Lauren Imparato from I.AM.YOU. This would go great with a glass of Rosé.


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