Makeup Tips for Dark Hair & Light Skin

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When applying makeup you always need to take your hair color and skin tone into consideration. Get makeup tips for dark hair and light skin with help from an independent beauty consultant and make up technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jill Maria. I'm a Makeup Artist and Stylist at Salon 27. Today, we're going to talk about how to apply makeup for people with dark hair and fair skin. She already has a foundation on that we applied earlier, it's just a creamy foundation that matches the color of her skin and a little bit of concealer. The next thing that we're going to do is apply some eyeliner to the eyes. What we're going to do is accentuate her eyes and make those pop. We're going to apply the eyeliner, "Open up your eyes", along the lash line and bring it out to a little V here at the end for a more dramatic look. Just little strokes all the way across. If you mess up a punch, you just take a brush and smudge it along the lash line. You can do the same thing on the top if you want to. "Okay, close it." Apply it right along the lash line on the top of. Okay. And her eyes are brown, so we're going to apply a hint of gold to bring out the, the gold flakes here in her eyes. Do the same thing to this eye, "Okay, open it up Megan." The same thing along the lash line and bring it up to a V. "Okay, close your eye", right along the lash line on top. Okay, now,we're just going to take a brush and apply the gold eye shadow from the lash line up to the brow bone. Okay. Then, we're going to take a darker shade of the gold and apply it in the crease and out to the end in a V. The same thing on this eye, bring it to the crease and out to the outside corner. Okay. And then apply a coat of mascara, top and bottom. Make sure you cover every lash line, especially at here at the corners which is going to open up the eye, make it appear larger. "Okay, open your eye", bottom lashes, just put a little coat on them. Okay. Then, you just want to take the powder, go around the edges to clean it up. And then, we would apply a little bronzing blush to the cheek area. Since we popped the eyes, we're going to leave this kind of pale but shiny. "Okay, and rub it together." And that is how you apply makeup to someone with dark hair and fair skin. I'm Jill Maria with Salon 27.


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