Garlic-Stuffed Olives Recipe

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Garlic-stuffed olives are a delicious treat that you can make by following a few basic, easy to manage steps. Get a garlic-stuffed olives recipe with help from a Chef de Cuisine and Executive Pastry Chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mary Beth Johnson. I'm a Chef de Cuisine and executive pastry chef. Today we're going to do garlic stuffed olives. You can buy it in the store but why when you can do it simply at home. Here we have the olives, the queen olives, we have the garlic cloves. I have olive oil, the garlic cloves have been marinating. I have red wine vinegar. I have fresh Italian seasoning and basil and then of course the garlic clove that I took the cloves out of. Once you have the cloves out of the garlic, you want to marinate it in a little bit of olive oil with some fresh seasonings. You want the Italian seasoning, you want some basil and then you want to add in some red wine or if you like balsamic vinegar, that's fine too. You can do that. And you want them to marinate for approximately, you know you can do it overnight or you can do it for an hour, it depends. So the garlic cloves have been marinating for about an hour or so. I want to take it and I want to put it inside the pitted olive. So you already have, there you go, you've got the garlic inside the olive and you want to do it for as many people. this is great because you can put a toothpick through it and you can put it in a martini. You can serve it as is. Make sure you have enough garlic cloves cut for the amount of olives. Then what you want to do is you want to take the olives and you want to put them into a bowl and you want to take the marinating juice from the garlic cloves and pour it over it and let it sit for a little bit longer too. It just gives it an extra added flavor profile. So once they're finished marinating, they're ready to be served. You can put them in a cocktail. You can eat them as is. Another idea is to have sweet garlic and you can find sweet garlic in most Italian gourmet grocers and stuff it, using the exact same recipe. Thank you. Cheri diamo dopo.


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