Making Chocolate Ice Cream

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Making chocolate ice cream requires heavy cream, milk, sugar and a few other key ingredients. Learn about making chocolate ice cream with help from the head chef and owner of The Baking Bean in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chef Clarice Lam. I'm the chef and founder of The Baking Bean and today I'm going to show you how to make chocolate ice cream. So I have in here my heavy cream, my milk, some sugar and a little bit of salt. I always like to add a pinch of salt into my sweets because it helps to bring out the flavor of what you're producing. I'm just going to whisk this so that the sugar doesn't get all stuck to the bottom and caramelize. I'm going to bring this to a scalding which is going to be right before it boils when you see some steam coming up from the pot and then when you see little bubbles firm on the side and once it gets to that temperature which I believe is right now, you can see some steam coming up. I'm going to temper this into what I have here are just some egg yolks. First I'm going to whisk these yolks up. I've got my egg yolks mixed up and I'm going to temper the hot cream and milk mixture into my yolks which just helps it to be smooth and not like, you don't want some scrambled eggs, you know. So what I'm going to do now is just, this is when you being ambidextrous becomes a good thing. So I'm going to pour this scalded cream and milk into my yolks while I'm whisking. Oo, look, multitasking, woo, so once I have about two thirds of the hot mixture in with the yolk, I'm going to pour it back into the pot and let that come up to the proper temperature. So this is all the yolks and the hot cream and milk combined. Right now I'm going to switch my whisk to a wooden spoon. The reason I'm switching to a wooden spoon is because this is going to be an indicator of when your custard here is going to be done. You can also use a thermometer if you really want to. A thermometer is going to measure between I'd say 170 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit but a wooden spoon will suffice. It's basically when you can run your finger down and it holds a line and it's really important to keep stirring this the whole time because again, even though the eggs are incorporated nicely, you don't want it to curdle, you don't want your ice cream to taste like some chocolate scrambled eggs, that's no fun. Your custard is going to be ready when you can draw a line through your wooden spoon just like that. So to me that shows that the custard is thick enough. What I'm going to do now is add the chocolate in there. So I've got some milk chocolate. You can definitely use semisweet, bittersweet, whatever you like and I'm just going to keep stirring this until the whole thing is melted and you want it to be lump-free, smooth, satiny, chocolaty, yummy, yum, yum. I'm going to switch back to my whisk now just to help incorporate this a little bit easier. So we're just helping to break up the lumps of the chocolate and it's easier if you cut your chocolate into smaller pieces when you're doing this. It will help it melt faster. So I think this base is now ready. What I'm going to do my final step is I'm going to, my second to last step is I'm going to strain it back into this bowl here or you can take a new bowl, whatever you like and now what I'm going to do is I have a bowl of ice and I'm just going to fill it with a little bit of water to create an ice bath to help cool down our ice cream base really fast and I'm going to put the ice cream base into the ice bath and make sure that the ice cubes don't make it fall over, there we go, that's sitting nice and pretty and we'll just set this aside and let this cool down. Once it has cooled, I'm going to show you how to churn it in your homemade ice cream maker. So now, my ice cream base has cooled, it's nice and thick and it looks delicious. I'm going to just pour this into my ice cream maker which you can find at any home goods store. I turn it on and we're going to pour this guy into the ice cream maker and we're going to let that freeze. It's probably going to take about ten minutes or so. It's been about ten minutes now so I'm going to turn the ice cream machine off. So look at this, this looks like soft serve right? That's actually what we wanted because we want it to continue the freezing process in the refrigerator. If you turn it too much in your ice cream maker and then you stick it in the freezer it's going to be like overturned hard, not silky and not nice. We want it to be silky, smooth and delicious. And this is how you make chocolate ice cream. I'm Clarice Lam, the founder and chef of The Baking Bean in New York City and happy munching to you and actually me this time because oh man, I am ready for this.


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