How to Make Lemon Butter Shrimp

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Lemon butter shrimp is surprisingly easy to make, especially when you consider how good the finished product tastes. Make lemon butter shrimp with help from the founder of RealFoodies, Inc. in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Claudia from, and I'm here at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley, California to teach you guys how to make some sumptuous lemon butter shrimp. So what you guys are going to need to make lemon butter shrimp is very simply some shrimp. I recommend that you buy your shrimp frozen because it's actually way more fresh then when you buy it fresh at the store. They flash freeze them on the boat. So I've seasoned my shrimp with some salt and pepper, don't be afraid of using pepper and I have some lemon juice, some salt and some lemon compound butter that I made but you don't have to use lemon compound butter if you don't have it. You could just use some fresh unsalted butter and some lemon peel. If I was at home I'd probably do this with my fingers. Get a little bit like that. See how I'm not crowding the pan? Shrimp cook really quickly. So we're going to know to flip them over when they're just opaque throughout the middle and the tails are also going to curl in. They're going to turn pink, the tails are going to curl in and they're going to be opaque through the middle. If your oil is kind of pooling on one side, don't be afraid to move your pan around. Flip them over, it's probably a little soon'll know that your shrimps are done when there's no longer any translucent part in the back. I'm going to go ahead and de-glaze the pan with a little bit of lemon juice. You hear that? We like that. And now I'm going to turn off the heat or lower the heat as much as possible and I'm going to put in my butter. So you can put as much as you want. I like to guild the lily. So in order to make a little lemon butter cream sauce like this, even though we don't have any cream is you just chase the butter around the pan. See how it's nice and creamy? You don't want the butter to melt completely because then the milk solids will separate from the oil. Let's give it a few seconds. Do you see those beautiful pieces of lemon peel, lemon zest I should say? Um hum, that looks done. Here you go, the shrimp is ready and it's beautiful. The sauce is glistening and I'm literally doing everything I can not to eat it right now. But, if I'm serving it to my guests they don't know how delicious it is because they haven't tasted the sauce like I have. So I'm going to just sprinkle a little bit of chives over the top because we eat with our eyes. Voila, check this out. With five ingredients you can make a dish that will impress just about anyone.


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