Guacamole Recipe With Tomato, Red Onion & Lemon Juice

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Tomato, red onion and lemon juice are three very important ingredients in a good guacamole recipe. Learn about a guacamole recipe with tomato, red onion and lemon juice with help from the founder of RealFoodies, Inc. in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Claudia Ossa from and I'm in Berkeley, California at Kitchen on Fire and I'm going to teach you guys how to make a classic guacamole using lemon juice instead of lime juice. Okay so the silly thing is about saying that I'm making a classic guacamole is that every single person out there has their own version of a guacamole and you know guacamole goes way way back in history. So I'm going to make what I think is the most, the closest thing to a classic guacamole for you guys. The ingredients in this classic guacamole are obviously avocados, some seeded and diced tomatoes, red onion, very finely diced cilantro, very finely diced poblano chili. You can use jalapeno too, finely diced garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Alright so at this point in the game everybody knows pretty much that to remove the pit from an avocado you take a sharp knife, you impale it in the pit, give it a half turn and it comes out but my question is, when did we figure that out, because I don't remember what I used to do before that, like did you just try to push it out? I mean because it's all slippery and everything. And so here we have our beautiful avocados. I think I take for granted having gorgeous avocados living in California. And so gave them a little bit of help and I chopped them up a bit. So now I'm just going to take my fork and kind of put it through there. I like to use a potato masher as well but a fork does the job. I don't like super smooth guacamole. I like it a little bit chunky but however smooth it's up to you but I don't like to eat something that looks like baby food. I think that's just enough, good. Now I'm going to throw all my other stuff in. Here's my cilantro that's finely chopped. That's a lot of cilantro but I love cilantro, red onion, tomatoes, or tomatoes, poblano chili. You can use jalapeno, any spicy chili that you want, pretty small because you don't want people freaking out on fire, a little bit of garlic, lemon juice, you can use lime juice as well. That's the classic thing. Take a little bit of salt. You can always add salt after to taste and don't be afraid of using pepper because I think pepper just brings out all the good flavors, such a cliche in cooking nowadays but it's true. And I'm going to bring my spoon over, I'm just going to fold because I don't want to bruise my avocado. I know there's lime juice in there and everything but I'm just going to gently fold everything over. This is a pretty chunky guacamole. So I love to serve my guacamole in a low long plate like this because it gives everybody easier access because let's face it, when you have a guacamole in a bowl and people you know, they don't use a spoon to spoon something onto a plate, they usually grab their chip and just go straight inside the bowl. This gives everyone a lot more access to the guac.


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