Watermelon, Tomato & Onion Salad

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There are few better ways to start off a meal than with a nice watermelon, tomato and onion salad. Make watermelon, tomato and onion salad with help from the founder of RealFoodies, Inc. in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Claudia from Realfoodies.com/Tastybits and I'm here today at Kitcken on Fire in Berkeley, California and I'm going to show you guys how to make a really simple and tasty watermelon salad. Okay so watermelon to me is sort of like the new beet because I don't know if you guys realized this or I don't know if you guys noticed this but beets for a while there were on every single menu, they were like a beet salad, a beet something else, a beet painting and now the new beet is watermelon because I'm seeing it on a bunch of menus in salads, compressed with cheese and even though it's super popular I think a lot of people are still afraid of making watermelon in a savory way. So I'm going to teach you guys how to make a tasty tasty watermelon salad with a few very simple ingredients. Okay for this super simple salad we're going to need some fresh watermelon about two and a half cups, a little bit of julienned mint, just for color and a tiny bit of flavor, some salt, some pepper, some red onions, a little simple vinaigrette that I made with red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and some little tomatoes. So I've made a very simple little vinaigrette out of two parts olive oil, one part red wine vinegar, a bunch of black pepper to make it emulsify and a little bit of salt and what I like to do when I use red onions is I like to throw them in my vinaigrette for about an hour early or a few minutes early, give them a little bit of pickling and take a big of the edge off. I throw those in here, this right here. This recipe calls for cherry tomatoes, these are a little bit bigger but I like that they're about the same size as the watermelon, give it a little bit of a stir and watermelon can be kind of delicate so you want to just sort of fold the ingredients in and I'm going to put the mint in, whoopsie and I'm going to season a little bit. I like to season at the end because I just don't think it's enough, that looked like a lot you guys but it's not going to be, a bunch of pepper and this is what's beautiful about watermelon, it works so nicely with pepper and if you wanted to go really crazy you could throw some feta cheese in here or even some crumbled goat cheese. This is a gorgeous tasty and impressive salad to serve your friends. I love how beautiful this salad is and how absolutely delicious it is. I don't think bowls quite show off how beautiful the watermelon and tomatoes are. You can clean out after if you want. Don't be afraid to pile it high. Beautiful. So the next time you go to that hipster restaurant and you order the watermelon salad, just know that you can do it for free at home.


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