Ballroom Dance Lessons for Kids

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Even kids can get in on the fun of ballroom dancing with the proper guidance. Get ballroom dance lessons for kids with help from a former Radio City Rockette and Broadway performer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I’m Emily Loftiss, a former Radio City Rockette, and professional dancer here in New York City. The question is, “Ballroom dance lessons for children.” Well, this is very easy. You can also put this towards beginners. Most important thing that we talk about is to make sure they understand the relationship with their partner. So, facing the front, you’re going to think, “Shoulders down, chest up,” and get your frame. The frame is what follows you no matter where you are. No matter who’s with you, who’s touching you, you always have your frame. So, what’s a great way to practice is to make you are up on your toes. You’re never, never, never, never on your heels. We go to the side, and we’re going to think, “Step front, step back. Step front, step back.” And, even for some of the little ones, you can grab their hands and go forward, and back. Forward, and back. Now, let’s go four front, four back, and make sure their chest is up, shoulders are back, head is up, on your toes. Ready, and walk. And walk, two, three, four. Bring it back, two, three, four. And walk, two, three, four. Bring it back, two, three, four. Excellent! Moving on, you can have each other either have their frame or hold hands, and we do a simple Cha Cha. Front, and back. And front, and back. If they have that, and they’re not stepping on each other’s toes, we can add the frame. Front, and back. And front, and back. So, that’s just the basics of dance lessons for children. Hope this was helpful for you. If you have any more questions, please find me at, and check out my blog, Loftiss Says.


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