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The specific moves for the Lambada dance can be changed to mesh better with your own interpretation. Get Lambada dance ideas with help from a former Radio City Rockette and Broadway performer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Emily Loftiss, a Former Radio City Rockette and Professional Dancer here in New York City. The question is, "What are some ideas for the Lambada?" Well, this is a dance derived from Mexican culture which means to shake. So, anything you do in this dance, you can perform any type of Spanish dance, say Merengues, Salsa, Cha Cha, so here's a couple of ideas just for you. Let's do cha cha to the front, cha cha to the back, cha cha to the front, cha cha to the back and pivot and pivot and swizzle, hips, hips, hips . Let's do it again a little faster. Six, seven, eight and cha cha, and cha cha, and cha cha and cha cha and pivot, and pivot and swizzle, swizzle, swizzle, swizzle. Let's move onto the next one. I'm going to angle this a little bit 'cause I happen to have a short skirt. We're going to go front front, back back; front front, back back. Hips turn around, hips turn around, hips turn around, hips turn around and down, down, down, down. We're going to go a little faster, instead of going front back, we're just going to go double and back and double and back, around, around, around, around and a bop, bop, bop, bop. One more time little faster. Five, six, seven, eight, and boobb, a-ra, and boobb, tada, around, around, around, around and a down, and down, and down and down. This is a fun step, we're going to do ball all change, ball all change and double and double it up to the left, to the right and double and double. You're just going to switch your weight back and forth. Do it again, six, seven, eight and right and left and double and double. Other way, left and right and double and double; your left leg is out, so you're going to go cross, two, three, four, kick it. Down, down, down, down, kick it. So, let's do that again from one, two, three, four; other way, left, right, left, left leg out and down and down and down and down, kick. Down and down and down and down, kick. Altogether, last time, here we go: five, six, seven, eight, and cha cha and cha cha, switch it up, other side, cha cha, cha cha, switch it up. Here we go, down, down, down, down, kick. Down, down, down, down, kick. Hope this was informative. If you have any questions, please go to my website and check it out my blog Loftiss Says.


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