What Do You Need to Make a Snake's Home?

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Any good home for a snake should have a few specific items. Find out what you need to make a home for a snake with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Jena Questen with Drquesten.com and today we're going to talk a little bit about what it takes to have a nice home for your pet snake. There's a few things that you need to have for a snake. First of all you need an appropriate enclosure, something like an aquarium might work well or this fabric one that we have here which is very nice because it lets air through on all sides. It also, this is heat resistant so you can have a heat lamp on the outside of it and not have to worry about causing any problems there. If you do have an aquarium you just need to make sure it has a very tight fitting lid. Snakes are notorious for crawling through every little tiny space. So it's good to make sure that the lid fits very well. So the container is the first place to start, then the next thing that we're going to need to have is a heat source. Snakes are not able to regulate their own body heat so what they need is to have a way to get in and out of the heat as they would like. That's going to vary a little bit depending upon the species of snake that you have so some research on your part will definitely be in order to make sure that you're giving your snake that type of environment that is ideally suited for that species. So this particular snake here we have her just in this temporary enclosure just for purposes of the video. She actually, her permanent enclosure is much larger than this. So we want to make sure that first we have something that's tight fitting so the snake can't get out, good air flow, a heat source but also the heat source should only be on one side so that she can get away from the heat source if she wants to cool down. An external heat source like this is a little bit better probably than a reptile rock. Heating pads and heated rocks are very easy for them to over-heat and accidentally burn the snake and we certainly don't want that. So two other things that we need to have in there, one is going to be a water source, either something larger that she can actually lay in which would be nice or just a water bowl like what we have in here and then some bedding and aspen bedding tends to be very good for snakes. This particular snake likes to burrow so it's a good place for her to get down in there and burrow around. What you don't want to use is ceder or pine shavings, those are inappropriate and toxic for reptiles. So we don't want to have those. Otherwise, as long as we've got some heat and a way that she can get away from the heat as well as a water source and some bedding or a little house for her to hide in, that should be a great home for your snake and keep her healthy and safe for hopefully many years to come. On that note, I'm Dr. Q. and the rest is up to you. Thanks for tuning in today.


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