Transparency vs. Control in Leadership

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When it comes to leadership, a direction of transparency and one of control can yield very different results. Learn the difference between transparency versus control in leadership with help from an accomplished attorney, author and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome. This is HR That Works president, Don Phin, and today I'm going to help answer one of my favorite questions, what's the difference between control and transparency in leadership? My first response to that is control is dead. It's gone, no mas, muerte. The reality is you can't control people. What happens you push a control button too hard at home? Fight or flight, which is exactly the same thing that happens at work. You know years ago when we started this whole idea of management, people were doing very simple jobs, they're stacking bricks, pulling looms, shoveling coal, and we basically told them what to do, don't think for yourself because we figured it out all up here. We're grade you on a scale from one to five, and if you survive that til you're 65 we'll give you a pension you can live off of til you're 67. The catch 22 today is the person you can control you do not want working for you because they're going to want you to be responsible for them. You want you to be their mommy or daddy. That's the downside of being controlling manager, plus you blow out everybody else that has a strong energy that you kind of going to control, you big bread winners, your egoful people, they're going to be gone from the organization if you try to control them. So the opposite end of it might be considered transparency. This means where there's no hidden secrets, in reality, outside of some real corporate confidential stuff, you know, you're about to release a new product and only a few people need to know about that, you've got a new formula, a few people know about that, I guess only a few people know about CocaCola's formula for example, but transparency means that you let people know the direction you're going with the company, you open up the books. One of my favorite business books is Jack Stack's Great Game of Business. We even had him on a webinar on HR That Works, and it talked about the advantage you want people to think like owners, you've got to let them know the numbers. You've got to be transparent. Very hard to put on ownership pad or to think like that if they don't know what's going on in an organization. Plus you get the advantage of knowing you've got nothing to hide, lay it all out there, and that's the beauty of being transparent as opposed to controlling. Hopefully that helps you, hopefully you'll be a transparent leader, and lastly, remember this: the less you can control, the more you will accomplish. Take care.


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